From the Peninsula to the Canary Islands by boat? How long it takes?

The Canary Islands Autonomous Community It is the furthest from the European continent and the plane is generally the usual way to travel to the islands, but with enough time, the boat is another option to take into account, especially if you are going to spend a more or less long season or your transfer involves taking a vehicle with you. The crossing from the Peninsula to the Canary Archipelago supposes invest a time of almost two days, spending the night on board.

Shipping companies and common destinations

Trasmediterránea (@Trasme_oficial) is one of the shipping companies that connects the Peninsula with the islands, departing from port of Cádiz bound for Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and Lanzarote. Also the Fred Olsen company (@FOexpress) offers the possibility of reaching Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in a similar time, but in this case, leaving the port of Huelva.

Canary Islands by boat

Ferries depart from the peninsular coast once a weekAlthough the exact days and times for the start of the journey may be modified, so if you are interested, you should check with both companies well in advance.

Traveling by sea is a very different option to travel to the islands, taking into account that you can arrive by plane in just over two hours 15 minutes flying from Madrid. There is no doubt that the plane offers you multiple advantages, but if you like to sail and are not in a hurry, seeing the Canary coasts while the ship is approaching land is a very special little adventure.

The two shipping companies that make the crossing offer different options to make the trip really pleasant, from inside or outside cabins, so you can rest on the way, even comfortable seats at much cheaper prices. The only thing you must bear in mind, if you decide to go to the Canary Islands enjoying a mini cruise, is that the sea you cross is an ocean and no one can guarantee you a journey in absolute calm. Having clarified this point, if you like sailing (and don’t get dizzy), going to the Canary Islands by boat from the Peninsula is not only possible but also a beautiful experience.