Four tricks to restore a piece of furniture in a simple way

If you like decoration and have always thought that furniture restoration could be a suitable hobby for you, don’t wait any longer to get down to work. It is true that there are classes or workshops where they can teach you from the most basic to the most advanced techniques, but also at home with a little patience and skill you will be able to give a new life to that heirloom or old-fashioned piece of furniture. We tell you four tricks to restore a piece of furniture in a simple way.

Evaluate the condition of the furniture

The first thing you should before starting to restore a piece of furniture is assess your status. It may have sentimental value to you, but you have to be objective and if you need to change more items than you are keeping, it is probably not worth restoring. Clean the piece thoroughly with a cloth dampened in water and mild soap, and removes any remaining dust, grease, rust or any dirt.

Beware of woodworm

The great evil of wooden furniture is woodworm, but can be treated at home in a simple way. Find a spacious and ventilated place, and always wear gloves. Apply an anti woodworm product in each of the holes you find (you can help yourself with a syringe) and cover the furniture with a plastic, such as a large garbage bag or cling film. It only remains to wait, better a couple of weeks, to verify that the undesirable coleopterans have left.

Change the upholstery

One of the most effective tricks to restore a piece of furniture in a simple way is change textiles. Chairs, armchairs or small upholstered auxiliary furniture gain a lot with a change of upholstery. For this you will have to carefully remove the staples or pins that fix it and copy the pattern from the old fabric onto the new piece. Once trimmed, fix it again with a professional stapler, the same way it was.

Add color

Dark furniture come to life with a lighter or more vivid color. There are paints that do not require stripping or previously sanding the piece, so they are the best option to restore a piece of furniture in a simple way. Chalk paints give the furniture a look vintage which is very fashionable. You will have to give a couple of coats and finish with a varnish to set the result.