Forgot your Windows 10 password? So you can get it back

It is normal for it to happen to you on occasion: you have forgotten your computer’s access password and you go crazy trying to figure out how to get into your PC, precisely on the day you have the most urgency to do so. Since we haven’t foreseen it until we figure out how to recover the password, we can take a while. In addition, we do not have the possibility of consulting online, unless we use the mobile, so it is possible that despair takes hold of us. But, we must remain calm, because Microsoft (@MicrosoftES) you have planned a way to recover password in Windows 10. If we are prepared in advance, we will no longer be overwhelmed in the event that we are victims of this oversight.

Now, we must not forget that there are ways to remember passwords. It is advisable to search those that are easy for us to memorize, and we can even write them, but in this case, the document where we write them must be kept in a safe place and never in view of anyone.

Apart from these first recommendations, if we finally have to reset the Windows 10 password, we will have to carry out a series of actions. They are very simple. Step by step, we will be able to enter our computer again.

First step

When you turn on the computer, you have to look for the message in which it is indicated: Login options, which will appear on the home screen itself. Here you will see that you have two possibilities for this, either use a PIN or use a password. That is, you have two alternatives to be able to enter your computer and do what you normally do with it.

If despite this you are unable to remember your password, that is, the one you created to access your Microsoft account in Windows 10, a message similar to Restore password or also I forgot the passwod. This liberating phrase appears just below the box where you normally enter it.

Then, you will have to click on it and from now on you will start the process that Microsoft has designed for Windows 10 to recover your password and that will allow you to navigate your PC again. It is a procedure with which you will be able to recover the password, but, of course, without logging in yet.

Windows 10

Second Microsoft account

Then, you will have to confirm for which Microsoft account you need this recovery. For this reason, you will have to write the account that you decided to use to configure your operating system. Then you will get some security characters that you will have to write as you see them and as they indicate you. It is a way of verifying that you are a real person and not a bot (a computer program that is used to carry out repetitive actions over the Internet). When you have done it (if you make a mistake, other alternatives will appear until you write them correctly), hit Continue.

Now, it is necessary that you verify that it is you and not any other user who suddenly wants to look at your computer. Being a machine, it cannot control whether it is the owner who is trying to access or an outsider who may have, for example, bad intentions. In this case, you have to go through a second identity verification. The simplest thing is that you use a login application through a password that will send you to the alternative email that you have included when setting up your Microsoft account. When you see it appear, all you have to do is type that second email address. You must have a second option because when setting up your account it is one of the requirements that are asked of you, precisely as a security measure. Then you will observe that message comes up Send code and you have to click on it.

Activation code

Almost immediately, you will see how in that second email account you have a message. But you wonder how to see that e-mail if I can’t get into my computer? Well, you have the answer on your mobile, here you will have to resort to it to be able to see the access code that they have sent you.

Once you get it, you only need to see write the code in the reserved space for this and that you will appreciate on your computer screen. Again, therefore, you have to verify your identity.

If you use any of these passwords, it's time to change it (big stock)

The process is already nearing completion. Then you will be asked to write a new password that allows you to access your Microsoft account. You have to know that this is the one you are going to use to be able to use Windows 10, but also to check your email or enjoy the services that you have with this operating system. It will not allow you to use the old password or one that you have used on another occasion. So you should think about it very well, at the same time it is advisable to find a simple way to memorize it so that the same thing does not happen to you again.

When you have already decided, you just have to write it and the computer will indicate that everything has been done correctly and that you have already reset your password. The last step is to restart the computer or go to the home screen and enter the new password with which you will use your device as usual.