For the car: air conditioning or climate control?

Vehicles do not use the same climate control methods. Some have air conditioning and others air conditioning. Do you know what the differences are? They are different systems and therefore its operation is not the same, and at the same time each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of buying a car, knowing their differences will help you choose one option or the other.

Air conditioner

The climate control mixes hot and cold air to create the right temperature inside the vehicle and depending on the external weather conditions. Its structure has an outdoor sensor in such a way that it is not necessary to control the speed or choose the air vents, since it can be done alone, although if you wish you can regulate it manually.

All you have to do is choose the temperature. Then by means of an electrical operation that follows parameters based on speed and temperature, among others, the degrees that we have indicated are reached.

If you also want each area of ​​the car has a different temperatureWith the air conditioner you can regulate them to your liking, since it allows you to do it in parts independently.

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The air conditioning does not allow you this precision and it is more difficult to establish an exact temperature. So it is possible that it ends up being colder than we are looking for and we have to turn it off to turn it on again. With this device you can only really regulate the power and the places where we want fresh air to come out, the foot area, the dashboard, and so on.

Both systems work with a gas that cools the air, but in the case of air conditioning, leaks are frequent, so that over time it is necessary to charge it.

Taking into account all these aspects, the air conditioner seems more attractive at first, but this choice will make the price of the car increases. The air conditioning in the car is cheaper, but you must also bear in mind that it will have to be recharged from time to time, so this will be an investment that you must count on. Normally this service usually costs between 60 and 100 euros, and you will notice that you have to go to it when you perceive that it does not cool as usual.

Finally, remember that for both devices to work well you have to pay attention to the fact that the coolant is full and make sure the pollen filter is in good condition.