Five original and inexpensive ways to wrap Christmas gifts

Surely you have already bought some other gift for Christmas or soon you will get to it. Well, you should know that there are numerous studies on packaging. Next, we are going to try to give you some ideas so that the packaging themselves are already a surprise.

It is important that you know that the packaging can create the wrong expectations about the gift. A packaging that is too spectacular or flashy can make us imagine or create expectations about what it contains. For this reason, the packaging must be in line and be consistent with the gift so as not to disappoint and avoid ostentation or exaggeration in packaging.

However, there are simple and precious ways to surprise with the packaging, do you dare?


A simple paper can become one of the most beautiful wrappings with a little string and some decorative element of nature.

Dried flowers or leaves, pine branches, cones, or acorns. You can leave them with their natural colors or paint them in some color. Put them on the package, you will see how beautiful they look.

5 original and inexpensive ways to wrap gifts this Christmas Photo: bigstock


There are a thousand and one ways to customize your wrappers.

You can take a black paper similar to the blackboard and write the name of the person. You can also take a piece of cardboard and cut out the person’s name in 3D to put it on a corner.

We can use the newspaper to cut out the initials of the person and paste them on the paper.

Photos? Also. Put printed photos on the outside of the packaging so that everyone knows who each gift is from.

Another emotional way to personalize your packaging is with phrases. Put in each package a beautiful phrase with which each one can feel identified and know what their gift is.


You can use the classic rubber stamps, which they sell today in a thousand different, fun and original ways, or make your own. Cut a potato in half and with the help of a knife cut them into the shape you want.


You can look for a beautiful fabric that can later serve as a decorative element for the home and even wrap with a nice handkerchief that is part of the gift.

You can also opt for a simple sackcloth to add some decorative element with a rope.

Cloth bags can also be very original and practical since we can give them double use.

5 original and inexpensive ways to wrap gifts this Christmas Photo: bigstock


And if you are one of those who prefers to use traditional colored paper, you can always choose to use imagination and a little skill and wrap it in the form of an envelope, origami, shirt, and much more.

Of course, try to use the least amount of adhesive tape possible so as not to spoil the image or appearance.