Five applications to settle accounts and that nobody owes you money or you owe it

Common expenses between friends, family or acquaintances are now easier to manage. The mobile has a lot to do with this improvement. For this, applications have been created in which you can share those payments that are made, for example when organizing a dinner or a meal between several people or also trips or gifts. Phones are being used more and more to pay, and when they are used in this way, technically speaking of transactions between individuals or P2P.

These apps are insurance so that all accounts between individuals are settled and that community money can be put in without anyone losing out for it.


With is app You can keep the accounts and divide the expenses among the rest of friends, acquaintances or relatives who have it. You can see clearly what you owe or what they have to give you, as well as the budget available. Every time someone assumes an expense, they have to write it down and it is thus recorded and never forgotten.


On This application You only have to include the expenses you have for food, gasoline, various purchases … As you enter them, you indicate who has paid each one. At the same time you will see your own balance and what you are paying to each member, the money you have left and if you have any pending accounts. To make the transactions they offer you different payment methods, you just have to choose the amount and to whom, and it is done.


Twyp It is the work of ING Direct, it is not necessary to be a customer of the bank but you do have to create a digital account to which the user is linked. Have a chat in which you can request payment from different members or carry out transactions. There is a limit for each user and the amounts are loaded onto a bank card.

Applications to control your monthly expenses

Settle up

It also incorporates a record of shared expenses and displays amounts to be paid equitably. Settle up makes calculations for example at the end of a trip to know how much has to be paid, but making the minimum of transactions. Any user can see the movements that are stored and sync in the group.

See each other

Like the rest of this type of applications with See each other It can pay, request and share expenses. There is no commission and it is indifferent to the bank to which it belongs. Its operation is based on transfers, but without commissions. It allows you to receive and send money immediately when buying second-hand items, among other services.