Five applications to sell or buy online

The possibilities of buying and selling products of all kinds through new technologies is one of its great advantages. Some applications are better known than others, but all of them offer the possibility to users to sell those objects that they no longer use or even buy collector’s items. The most unexpected second-hand things can be ours for a good price and in no time.


Wallapop (@wallapop) It is the application of purchase and sale on-line best known of second-hand objects. Today it contains countless products saved in different categories as varied as fashion and accessories, construction and renovations, sports, bicycles, home and garden, and so on. Opening an account is simple as is upload products from mobile. You just have to take some good photos, put the price and description of the product, as well as include it in the corresponding category.


This app, Vibbo (@vibbo), is another classic as it happens with the previous one -the Secondhand of all life-. It also has categories to be able to more precisely identify what you are looking for. Its handling is also simple and it also offers a chat in which users can exchange more photos and additional information if they wish.


Letgo (@letgo) It hardly differs from those mentioned above. It has a wide variety of classified options to facilitate the search. In this case, just take a photo and own app is responsible for creating the title and assigning a category, something that sometimes is even appreciated because many times when uploading a product there are doubts about where to locate it. To do this, use the artificial intelligence and image recognition.

Second hand vinyls (bigstock)


It is one of the veterans and in it you can find or sell a wide variety of items. Milanuncios (@Milanuncios) also stands out because it even has job offers, as well as the possibility to put services or business acquisition. Like Wallapop, use a geolocator to indicate what elements it has close to you and that may interest you.


Although there was a time when eBay (@eBayESP) had a boom now it seems that it has been relegated, but the truth is that it continues to work. The second-hand market on this platform is very powerful and has loyal followers who continue to use it. Allows you to use Paypal which is integrated into the application itself. It usually indicates offers and discounts through different channels and whenever the user requests it, they can have access to that information.

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