Faucets with low water pressure? Here may be the problem

If you notice that the pressure in any of the taps in your house is not good it may be due to simple problems such as a clogged tap or a closed valve or on the contrary to a more serious issue such as a leak or a blockage of water in the pipeline.

If in your case it is one of the first problems, we are going to give you some easy solutions so that you can regain your water pressure.

One of the first recommendations would be to start with clean or replace the faucet nozzles since sometimes they tend to get clogged because of the sand and lime in the water. It is a simple and inexpensive action. Once you remove it, turn on the tap for a couple of minutes so that the water flows properly, cleaning up any remaining dirt. If when cleaning the diffuser you see that it is still dirty, it is best to immerse it in a cup with water and vinegar for about three hours. If the water still does not come out strongly, it is best to buy a new diffuser.

Sometimes the problem is not with the diffuser but with the faucetTo do this, try also to disassemble and clean it.

Another option would be to check the pressure regulating valve (VRP) which is responsible for maintaining a constant pressure in the system. If turning the screw of the VPR clockwise increases the pressure, we will have solved the problem, but if the pressure does not increase when performing this action, we recommend calling a professional as the problem may be greater.

Piping problems

With the passage of time they are their own pipelines those that also get clogged. In these cases, the fastest and most effective way is to clean with anti-scale products.

One of the most complex problems is leaks in pipes, also causing low pressure. If you have difficulties to know whether or not there is a leak, our advice is to close the water flow throughout the house and go to the meter to check if it continues to rotate and therefore, indicating that somewhere the water is still running .

Pipe leakage caused by low pressure

If the pressure problem only occurs in the Hot water, the problem may be the heater: sediment clogging the water heater or supply pipes, a leak in the valves or tank, etc. For this, it will be advisable to have the help of a professional.

However, there are people who, although the water comes out correctly, want increase water pressurea from the shower, for example. For this, the solution would be to install nebulizers or water and air mixers that will also help us save water. Most new showers already have these systems built in, so it is important that you review it before buying one.