Fan’s Secret Language Guide: Turning it with the right hand means «I don’t like it»

It is easy to imagine that the fan had its origin in the hot regions of the planet, when the first settlers waved leaves to cool the body and ward off insects, but its use continues to this day. And they are everywhere, they are incorporated into their collections by designers, used by some pop divas, fashion prescribers and members of royalty …

What is clear is that the fan has always been a elegant complement feminine, but it has also served to communicate.

The terminology that studies the language of the fan and the meaning of its movements is known as campiology. And it is that, apart from its primary function, the fan has always been used by women to show or hide emotions; not for nothing, Moliere He called it a «screen of modesty».

The ladies of the 19th and 20th centuries used this form of communication since female freedom of expression was null and, also, to prevent their mothers from finding out about the courtship with men.

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Today we explain the meaning of the different ways of fanning:

  • Cover your eyes with the fan open, it means «I love you.»
  • Fan quickly. I love you with intensity.
  • Fan slowly. I am a married lady and you are indifferent to me. Also if it opens and closes very slowly it means this.
  • Close slowly. «Yes». Also if we we rest it on the right cheek.
  • Close it quickly and angrily. «No ”, the same as rest it on the left cheek.
  • If it opens and closes quickly it means «watch out, I’m engaged.»
  • Dropping the fan means: I belong to you.
  • If we lift the hair or move the bangs it means «I think of you.»
  • Take cover from the sun. It means that you are ugly, that he does not like you.
  • Lend the fan they are bad omens.
  • Give the fan to your mother, «it’s over».
  • Hitting an object, means impatience.
  • Hold the fan open with both hands, it means «you better forget me.»
  • If you cover your face it can mean “watch out, they watch us”.
  • If you pass the fan over your eyes means «sorry».
  • If you close the fan touching your eyes it means, «When I can see you.»
  • Open the fan and show it. It means «you can wait for me.»
  • Cover your face with the fan open it means “follow me when I go”.
  • Support the fan half open on the lips it means «can you kiss me.»
  • Yes rest your lips on the fan means distrust, «I don’t trust myself.»
  • Run it across the cheek it means, «I am married.»
  • Slide it over the eyes, it means «go away, please».
  • Carry it in the left hand means «I want to meet you»
  • Moving it with the left hand means They «watch us.»
  • Carry it or move it with the right hand, it means «I love another».
  • Pass it from one hand to another it means «you are flirting with another» or «you are daring.»
  • Rotate it with your right hand it means «I don’t like you.»
  • Touch the palm of the hand it means: «I’m wondering if I love you.»
  • Support the open fan on the heart or the chest means «I love you» or «I suffer for your love.»
  • Hitting yourself with the closed fan in your left hand it means «love me.»
  • Look at the fan drawings it means: «I like you a lot.»
  • Lower it to chest level it means «we can be friends.»
  • Close it on the left hand it means: «I will marry you.» It also means the same go out to the balcony fanning or enter the room fanning.
  • Throw the fan it means «I hate you» or «bye, it’s over.»
  • Present it closed means «do you love me?»
  • On the left ear: «Leave me alone, I don’t want to know anything about you.»
  • On the right ear: «Don’t reveal our secret.»

A great variety of signals that were perfected over the years in which it was on the rise and that currently have lost interest, since luckily women do not need fans to communicate without disapproving looks.