Essential fabric stores in Madrid

If you are passionate about the world of fashion, you already like it make your own designs with your hands, in Madrid there are several fabric stores that allow us to buy fabrics, but at the same time learn to sew. Some of these centers have reinvented themselves and not only sell us a wide variety of textile materialsThey also teach courses to learn how to make our own garments or items to decorate the home.

Ribes & Casals

This store It has been operating in the center of Madrid since 1933. But this did not prevent them from expanding and it has establishments in Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Seville and Palma de Mallorca, in addition to your store on-line through which orders can be placed. It sells to wholesalers and retailers, so today it is the supplier to major fashion brands.

It has a wide variety offering fabrics for different styles such as flamenco, dance, various shows, for carnival, crafts, children’s themes … But it also has a haberdashery, where you can find accessories for sewing, and a whole section to make household clothes. In addition, it has a collection of its own and exclusive fabrics.

Additionally it offers a tailoring service of curtains, blinds, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. It is possible to buy fabrics of animal, vegetable and synthetic origin, that is to say, made of polyester, elastane and nylon.

Ribes casals
Ribes & Casals (

Wall Fabrics

This is a trade what began its journey in 1985 in the Madrid town of Móstoles. The demand they attended was therefore local in nature, but over time they expanded in such a way that other businesses opened in nearby towns such as Alcorcón. They finally settled downtown opening a store on Atocha street. This is now a place with a very wide and modern variety of fabrics, as specified on its website. It has more than 1,500 m2, and in it you can find fabrics of all kinds: for parties, to make wedding dresses or costumes, and also bed and table clothes, among other possibilities.

Perform Sale to the general public, as well as for wholesalers and professionals who are offered special offers.

wall fabrics
Wall fabrics (

Black sheep

Black sheep It is not a typical fabric store, as it has the uniqueness that sells vegan materials and they do not offer any products of animal origin, such as wool, silk or leather. The idea came from the Venezuelan architect Mercedes Grosso. It all started while teaching sewing workshops at the same time that it sold fabrics and fabrics. These still continue and the purpose is that the people who come learn to make their own designs.

Among his articles we can find fine cotton, organic fabrics, knitted, sweatshirt, canvas, laminated, laminated … and even threads from Turkey or Japan. We also observe fabrics with geometric figures, drawings or smooth. It also has packs of ecological balls, and gift cards. The place is on Sagasta street and when entering it it is impossible to remain indifferent to the great variety of colors that can be appreciated in all its corners.

black sheep
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Miss Seams

This space It is the work of two entrepreneurs, Beatriz and Javier, who, driven by their passion for the textile world and the “Do It Yourself” trend, something like “do it yourself”, decided to open a store specializing in “creative sewing”. His intentions: provide an innovative point of view within the textile world.

The result is a store that was inaugurated in 2013, and in which in addition to being able to buy fabrics of different types, it is possible find items for home decor, upholstery services, preparation and installation of curtains, blinds … Always under personalized advice, as the owners clarify. Along with all this they have training courses and improvement of sewing. The purpose is for students to learn everything they need to learn how to decorate their homes or workspaces.

To start in the courses, no level is required, but just have the desire to learn and it is not necessary to maintain a permanence either. We may stop receiving classes at the time that we consider appropriate.

Miss Costuras (

Puky muky

This local run by mother and daughter, María and Ana, and both they define themselves as “geeks of original and fun fabrics and wool”. The idea arose more than 40 years ago and after adapting to the new times, now this modest business survives thanks to its fabrics where you can find fabrics with curious and fun designs. Their prices are quite affordable and they also have products outlet with significant discounts.

How could it be otherwise, those who feel passion for the textile world enjoy showing their knowledge, and that is why these two women they have several workshops. Among them are those of patchwork, bobbin lace, crochet and knitting, creative sewing, and tailoring. They are usually monthly and their start usually coincides with the beginning of each month. At the same time there are monographs of a single day that last a few hours, although in many of them you have to have previous notions of sewing.

puku muky fabrics
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