Energy control systems, what types exist and what are their characteristics?

Every month or two the same worry, the electricity consumption of our house It has skyrocketed and we no longer know what to do to control that expense and reduce that electricity bill. One of the solutions to achieve this, as explained to us by the Organization of Consumers and Users (@consumers) is to have a energy control system to always keep in mind that energy expenditure that we do at home.

Not only will they allow you to know which appliances take most of the electricity bill, but also to know at what time of the day you spend the most electricity. A good way to raise awareness when it comes to reducing this consumption. So, this simple device can help you in your day to day. You have several models to choose from according to your needs:

  • Distribution panel: something less used today but with an advantage: they are much more complete. Of course, it is necessary to have a professional to help us place it in our home.
  • Electrical panel with clamps: similar to the previous one but has a somewhat more complex system (which is also paid). You can measure both the general consumption that is made of the whole house and that of the appliances you want.
  • Plug: if what you want is a more economical system, easy to install, This is yours. It can even be remotely controlled or programmed if you are away from home.

Energy control systems, what types exist and what are their characteristics?

Which one do you need for your home?

Taking into account these characteristics and the peculiarities of your home, from the OCU they invite us to know some of these models of electrical control systems that you can install in your home to always have your consumption data at hand.

  • Mirubee Moti 1 (@Smilics_Tech) is a model of electrical panel system which, as they explain from this organization, can work through its application for both Android and iOS and that it is intended for domestic consumption. A meter that can be hidden not only for an aesthetic issue but to avoid being manipulated (for example, if it is installed in a rented house) and that collects data directly from the electrical panel.
  • Similar to the previous one, but with tweezers, we have this other model from the Cloogy brand (@CloogyESP) that also is available to install with a smart plug. This device will allow you to consult the energy consumption data and control these electrical appliances remotely through its mobile application.
  • Finally, in the case of plug-in models, this entity points to the Tp-link HS110 device (@TP LINK). You can track remotely from your smartphone, can be programmed automatically to turn on or off the power of electrical appliances and analyze the electrical power consumption of your home in real time.