Eliminate cracks in the hands in a simple and natural way

The weather, the excessive use of chemical products or the lack of hydration or oxygen are some of the causes that can be behind the appearance of cracks in our hands. There are some natural remedies that can help us treat this problem, which, if not treated in time, can get worse.


Sometimes, circulatory problems can be behind the appearance of cracks in our hands. If oxygen does not reach our hands correctly through the blood, the skin in this area of ​​our body can become dehydrated.

There are foods that will help us improve our circulation, such as garlic, cayenne, ginger or honey.

Likewise, an abundant intake of vitamins A, B6, C and E or minerals like selenium or silicon to help our skin fight against aging, while providing greater flexibility, preventing the appearance of cracks in our hands.

Another option to reactivate our circulation in the hands is through alternating hot and cold water baths.

Rose oil

Roses are flowers with a high moisturizing and softening power. In this sense, one of the first natural remedies would be a rose and lemon cream. To do this, we will macerate rose petals and lemon peels in olive oil for a week. After that time we will filter it and we will have it ready to apply it a couple of times a day on the area to be treated.

aloe vera

It is one of the most healing and nutritious plants that exist. Helps regenerate dead skin tissues.

We can apply a little aloe vera gel mixed with rose oil musket on our hands.

The vaseline It will also be very effective when you have this problem of dryness.

Eliminate cracks in your hands with these natural remedies Photo: bigstock

Tips for treating cracks

In addition to these remedies, there are specific creams on the market for these types of problems but that we must apply correctly.

In this sense, our advice is let the cream be thick. Likewise, it is recommended to apply it when the area is soft after having washed it.

For maximum hydration it is recommended apply the cream at bedtime and cover the area damaged with a glove, tape or bandage.

People who suffer from this problem are recommended to use gloves in case of having to use aggressive products, as well as to wash the dishes. Likewise, it is advisable to use warm water, since excessively cold or hot water are not beneficial for our skin.