Eggs, better in or out of the fridge?

Not because they are out of the refrigerator in the supermarket does not mean that in our homes they should also be. There are several reasons to know where to keep our eggs to preserve them in the best possible way and that they are in perfect condition when we go to consume them. We will explain it to you below.

The big question arises when we get home after having bought eggs at the supermarket and they were not in the fridge, what do we do? Do we put them in the egg cup on the fridge door or on the contrary in the metal basket shaped like a chicken on the worktop that is ideal? Everything will depend on the temperature and if you have washed them or not, which by the way you should not do and now we explain why.

Should the eggs be in or out of the fridge?  Photo: bigstock

Keep the temperature

Here is the crux of the question. As a general rule it is convenient to keep them in the refrigerator.

The eggs have a thin transparent layer inside just below the shell that protects the food from any bacteria that have accumulated on its surface. This cuticle can break with sudden changes in temperature.

If in supermarkets the eggs were in the refrigerators, when leaving the street at room temperature and putting them back in our refrigerators, that sudden change in temperatures in such a short time could break the inner cuticle causing bacteria such as salmonella, infected the egg.

The same would happen if when we arrived from the supermarket we left them on our countertops in the middle of summer at 30º. This change from room temperature to extreme heat could also damage the eggs, breaking their protective layer and running the risk of any health problems after consumption.

Therefore, it is not so important where we keep the eggs but how to avoid exposing them to sudden changes in temperature.

In this sense, the most suitable place to keep them in a cool and dry environment, which is advisable, is the refrigerator, since there they will not experience extreme temperature changes, especially during the summer months. However, the rest of the year, in which the ambient temperatures are similar to those of the supermarket and therefore there are no sudden changes, we can have them in the beautiful egg cup on our worktop. Although the latter has an exception: If you have previously washed them (something that the health authorities advise against) you should keep them in the fridge to prevent any bacteria that may have passed through the shell from proliferating.