Effective products for eye bags

Fortunately, the bags that form under the eyes do not pose any real health problems, but they do create an aesthetic concern for many people. The causes of its appearance are diverse and often a combination of several. There is clearly a genetic predisposition, but it is also a age-related pathology, which develops over the years, and in which the Lifestyle that we carry, as well as the stress and smoking, as indicated from Barraquer Clinic.

If you are concerned about the appearance of puffiness under the eyes, there are specific medical and surgical treatments to eliminate them, but you can also find products that really work, and if accompanied by changes in lifestyle they are very effective.

For a rested look

Remascar Puffiness and dark circles

Remescar Eye bags

Is cream offers immediate results reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles with a single application a day. Its combination of mineral clays, peptides and a complex of caffeine and microalgae, which are suitable for all skin types, generate a tightening effect on the skin, reduce the accumulation of fluid under the eyes and correct the visual effect of dark circles. These three actions that not only help reduce puffiness, but also the appearance of dark color under our eyes.

Dioptipoche smoothing gel correction Lierac bags

Lierac Eye bags

Based on the blepharoplastic aesthetic technique, this gel provides a triple correction to combat different types of swelling: due to water retention, fat accumulation and sagging. Its formula has been enriched with anti-blue peptides, for protection against cellular damage in the periocular area and a reinforced corrective action. After 1 hour of applying it, the area defrosts and with repeated use, these results improve with a visible reduction in the volume of swelling.

Instant Reducer Bags and Dark Circles by Beauté Mediterranea

Mercadona Eye Bags

For only 5 euros, Mercadona has this instant reducing product for bags and dark circles for all skin types. It is a gel that combines its ingredients a powerful hexapeptide, Argireline peptide, to obtain an immediate tightening effect on the lower eyelid and a visible reduction of bags after a few seconds.

Sesderma C-VIT + ANGIOSES anti-bag kit

Sesderma Eye Bags

East cream duo reduces signs of fatigue and crow’s feet, reduces puffiness and dark circles and brings luminosity to the look. The sweet orange extract favors the penetration of the rest of the active ingredients, while reinforcing the vitamin C provided by the ascorbyl glucoside. In addition, organic Organic Silicon and sweet clover extract reduce the dark tone under the eyes, reinforce the matrix of connective tissue and firm and decongest the treated areas. For optimal results we should apply C-VIt Eye Contour in the morning and Angioses Eye Contour at night.