Don’t sting: Social Security alerts you to scams on your behalf

Have you received an email from Social Security? Are you sure they send it to you? Social Security alerts these days of a scam that is taking place in email and sms sent on your behalf, impersonating your identity. With the cyberattack and the fall of the SEPE service, the risk grows that a greater number of citizens will fall into this trap, which is why the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security (@inclusiongob) is distributing notices through its social networks so that users do not bite.

social security alert

To avoid scams recommend check the sender’s address and urls to verify that it is an official body. That is, if the address does not correspond to an official government nomenclature, it is best to distrust. On the other hand, they call to avoid malicious emails or SMS paying attention to the language used. And when in doubt, they advise not to click, delete the message and consult with official sources.

Under the hashtag #NoPiques, this campaign is receiving dozens of responses from users who have already been deceived, with the added risk of viruses or data theft (phising). They also recommend refraining from downloading any files of unknown origin.