Dog Dancing Training Do you dare to dance with your pet?

Some consider it a sporting modality, others a nice dog show and those who do not care too much about exact definitions, simply look at the Dog dancing an entertaining and surprising activity, capable of create strong bonds between a dog and a person that, for a few minutes, they are able to coordinate their movements to achieve a common goal.

Putting on some music and trying to do a choreography with your pet is not easy. Actually the Dog dancing requires a strict training What do they teach? specialized centers. In order to “dance” like a professional, the dog will have to learn, first, a series of basic rules of obedience, and then go on to master techniques and exercises of Agility, a discipline that, as explained by the Royal Canine Society of Spain (@CaninaReal) is inspired by the jumping competitions, common in the equestrian.

Also, the future dancer can will have to become familiar with the steps and movements that will not be missing in future choreography (side steps, jumps, turns, walking beside you, backwards, getting on two legs …). Finally, your fine ear will have to know how to identify a specific melody and learn to move according to its rhythm. Without a doubt, a real feat.


How can you practice Dog Dancing with your dog?

There is no prerequisite for doing a simple choreography with which you and your pet have at least a “curious” time. Generally, the dogs that are chosen for the practice of Dog dancing They are young adult animals of medium-sized breeds, the most agile.

If yours meets these minimum conditions and you want to train him in this activity, you will have to arm yourself with patience and have two things at hand: a clicker, which you will play to teach your pet basic movements, and some candy that serves as a reward every time he shows his grace on the track, because you have to remember that this is always a positive training (there are no punishments).

For the idea to work, your dog must know basic commands: stay, here, let’s go … if he is already able to understand these simple instructions, try taking a few dance steps with him to the beat of the music, because all are advantages. You will do the moderate exercise you need to maintain optimal health by following one of the basic guidelines for active aging and your dog will not only develop his muscles, but also, his mental capacities.

Although the choreography does not go to the first (or the second) you will have a good time and reinforce the wordless communication with your particular dance partner.