Dog breeds considered potentially dangerous

It is important to make it very clear that to consider a certain potentially dangerous breed of dog (dpi) is something quite subjective, because the education and environment in which each animal is raised It is what really determines you in their behavior. As stated by the Official College of Veterinarians of Salamanca, any dog ​​can be considered dangerous due to its strength and its real capacity to bite and cause injuries of different severity, but, curiously, a breed not generally included in the “black list” of dogs, the German Shepherd, is one of the that causes the most annual injuries from bites.

What does the law say about potentially dangerous dog breeds?

Although there are differences between the legislation of the different autonomous communities, in general, the Current law consider the following races ppp:

  • Pit bull terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Doberman
  • Argentine Dogo
  • Akita Inu
  • Rottweiller
  • Brazilian row
  • Tosa Inu
  • American Stadfordshire Terrier
Rotwailler breed puppy (creative commons)

These breeds have been considered potentially dangerous due to some physical and character characteristics that these animals present, including: great size and strength, wide jaw and in the shape of a “stocks”, wide rib cage unit to a powerful musculature, developed in extremities and neck, strong and big head and short hair. On a psychic level, the desire to defend the territory or the possible aggressiveness in the face of a threat are also determining factors when considering a PPP race.

It must be emphasized that the vast majority of these possible pets are faithful, noble and “peaceful” friends, but their physical strength and their ability to respond aggressively to a possible attack mean that they are breeds with which special care must be taken when giving them the proper education and socialization.

If you are thinking of buying or adopting a dog to be part of your family, find out well about its physical and mental characteristics, knowing that a dog of the pp breed requires a series of requirements for its possession, for example: request the corresponding license and register it in the specific municipal registry, always take him out for a walk with a muzzle and a short leash, not exceeding two meters in length, or take him with his identification chip and his vaccinations always up to date.