Does your dog have halitosis? It has a solution

Does your dog’s breath smell? Don’t worry, it happens more times than you think. The truth is it is not usual to brush our pet’s teeth, but, like people, they too can have discomfort, tartar, bleeding gums, etc.

Causes of halitosis in dogs

Before putting a solution to your dog’s halitosis you should know what has caused it. Bad breath in animals is usually conditioned by head morphology. The smaller the snout or the shorter the snout, the more likely it is to develop halitosis. It is also more frequent at an older age and if there is any disease (as much related to the throat as any other).

The food you eat and the taking of certain medications they can aggravate the problem.

Dog at the vet

Solution for your dog’s halitosis

If your bad breath is caused by your diet, you should change the food you eat, always being careful not to choose foods that do not feel good or that generate poor nutrition. You can also introduce in your diet good foods to end bad breath. For example, give him some celery to chew and, in addition to eating healthy, you will be favoring issues such as the elimination of bacterial plaque or the mentioned halitosis.

Your dog’s oral hygiene it is essential to eliminate bad breath. You can choose to brush it, with special toothpaste for animals and a soft bristle brush also specific for them. You may reject the taste of the toothpaste at first. You just have to put a little bit in your hand and let it lick it a little, so that it gets used to it, several times if necessary. The contact with the toothbrush should also be little by little and always starting with the outermost part of the mouth.

In case you find it unpleasant to brush your teeth or if it does not stop, there are other simpler methods, such as buying chewable products focused on oral hygiene care. The vet or your trusted pet store can tell you which ones work best (bones, trinkets, snacks, twigs, even toys).

Do not wait until your dog develops a lot of tartar or has a very bad breath to start using these types of products. The sooner the better.