Do you rent your house? These are the tips you need to put the best advertisement for your home

When you decide to rent your old house, an advertisement is usually placed to reach a greater number of people, a claim where the photographs stand out above all. However, snapshots must be accompanied by the perfect ad copy, that is, do not leave aside the relevant and necessary information in this case but, on the other hand, have your dose of creativity to make it as attractive as possible for the future tenant.

And you only have to think about the number of apartment ads that can appear in a newspaper today. How to get yours stand out above the rest? We give you the tricks.

The secrets to renting your house with the best advertisement

A recurring ad is not just one that reflects a kilometer description of everything that the property has, its location and the price of the monthly payment. When writing the set of these words, it is best to do it with a certain sense and harmony so that it does not remain as a succession of concepts like a shopping list. And it is that, if with some good photographs you can catch the attention of a possible tenant, with the text that he will read, he will surely spend a little more time observing the advertisement.

Do you rent your house?  These are the tips you need to put the best advertisement for your home

So, the first thing to do is to explain the location of the house. It is not enough just to say that you are in such a neighborhood or a certain street. If, for example, it is near an area with public parks and schools, it will be ideal to highlight it if you are looking for a family; a few meters from the university, if you prefer students; or on the beachfront if your idea is to find a tenant who loves the sea. You do not need to write down exactly the street and the house portal, but you do need to highlight everything the good that the neighborhood offers: if there is public transport, supermarkets, if it is quiet or safe at night, if you can reach a commercial area or the city center in just a few minutes.

What do you have of special your house in relation to the closest ones? This is where the description comes in. It should be specific, but not so long that you stop reading it after two paragraphs. The important thing is that you focus on your distribution, the meters it has, its height, if it has a terrace, storage room and if it is bright. If you rent it furnished you can make a general relationship instead of going room by room listing all the furniture and appliances. That would be crazy.

In this description it is important that do not go overboard saying that everything is wonderful. Your home may look beautiful to you, but it may not be a opinion shared by others. So, focus on adjectives that highlight what is good, or but without being truthful.

When reviewing everything that the house offers, do not forget to make a relation to services. It is important that the future tenant knows how is the heating (central or individual), if there is a lift, the orientation, the state (if it needs a lick of paint or it is completely renovated) or if it has air conditioning, for example. It also doesn’t hurt to point out if the house has energy efficiency certificate or the community services that you can enjoy: garage, garden, swimming pool, sports court, children’s games or gym, among others.

Do you rent your house?  These are the tips you need to put the best advertisement for your home

How much is your house worth? Keep it real. We are not saying that you are going to lose money with the transaction, but it is not very advisable that you ask for an exorbitant amount if, being fair, the house is not worth that price. The best thing then is that you make a calculation of everything that the house supposes to you per month of expenses (mortgage, community payment, insurance or IBI) and add if you want a small percentage to have some profit. Also, when making this monthly payment, do not forget to take into account the floor age, if it is ready to enter or you leave it completely empty.

Along with the price, indicate the community fees that the tenant must pay from now on and state your conditions for renting it: if you ask for a couple of months in advance, Bank guarantee or references. Finally, specify the way to contact you, via e-mail or by phone, as well as best hours to do it.

And importantly, it is not about writing it in such a way that it looks like a work of literature, but it is essential that it is well written and there are no spelling mistakes.

The photographs, always of quality

When taking the images it is not necessary to ask a photographic studio to take them for you. If you have a good hand with a camera and a little taste, it will be more than enough. But, yes, do not make some typical errors when it comes to immortalizing the house you want to rent. That is why the most recommended is:

  • Take better photos on a sunny day, especially if you want to enhance the appearance of it very bright and spacious.
  • More than images of details that do not add anything, it is better that they are more general and that each room looks good from various angles. It is also important that the occasional photo show the exterior appearance of the house.
  • It is not necessary that you leave your house as if it were going to appear on the cover of a decoration magazine, but it does not hurt that you are curious in this regard. That is, nothing to photograph the bathroom with all the towels hanging in any way, the beds with the odd wrinkle in the bedspread or the kitchen with dishes on the table. Everything has to be well clean and tidy.
  • And a mistake at least funny but that does not look good. If you are taking a photo, at least avoid being seen from behind in the reflection of a mirror. It is not very professional to say.