Do you know what pyrolysis is? Write down these tips to use it successfully

The recipes in the oven are delicious and very healthy, however, when we make ribs, chicken or fish, the oven remains impregnated with grease and cleaning is quite difficult. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most difficult places in the house to clean but, thanks to innovation, there are homes in which it is no longer so complicated thanks to pyrolysis. You do not know what it is? We will try to explain it to you in case you are thinking of changing the oven or buying a new one.

4,000 years a. of C., The Egyptians already used clay ovens, at the beginning of the 18th century the first cast iron ovens began to be manufactured, but it was not until after the Second World War that ovens appeared as we know them today. However, since then, they have also evolved a lot and there are many innovations introduced in this type of appliances: from ovens that cook practically by themselves to those that clean themselves automatically. Is last function It is what we know as pyrolysis.

For some years, there are ovens that have this pyrolytic function. It is an automatic program thanks to which it is possible to break down the remains of oven dirt, fat and food. At high temperatures, about 500ºC, organic matter decomposes into CO2 and water and evaporates, while inorganic matter turns to ash.

Once the pyrolysis is finished, it is simply crossed with a trowel to clean the oven tray, the runners and the bottom of the same removing any remains.

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How do I do the pyrolysis?

The pyrolysis function is marked with a dotted icon. To do this, it is necessary to remove the rails and racks inside the oven.

It usually lasts about two hours. At the end, as we explained, it is enough to easily remove the remains with the help of a damp cloth. Our advice is to wait for it to cool down before wiping it to avoid burns.

In addition, we recommend that you do it while no one is near the oven due to the heat it gives off as a result of the high temperature it reaches during the process.

This type of function usually eliminates the 90% of the dirt. If you consider that you have to clean more, there are products or a multitude of home remedies to achieve a total cleaning.

How often can I do a pyrolysis?

It is a function that we should not abuse since it can damage the ceramics of the kiln if we do it very continuously. It is recommended to do it every 10 uses approximately.

We hope that with these tips your oven will be like new without any effort.