Do you know what DNI 3.0 is ?: how to obtain and activate it

If every time we are going to do more things online and we cannot rule out new confinements, you should have a secure electronic identification method to be able to deal remotely with the Administration. The new DNI 3.0 it is easy to obtain and easy to activate. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has developed a guide for us to know how we should do it.

The Administration pushes us more and more to deal with it by digital means, and in circumstances like the current ones it is the best option. There are different forms of identification:

  • The Electronic DNI, in its version DNI-e or DNI 3.0
  • The electronic certificate
  • The PIN code system, in its basic or advanced modalities.

The DNI 3.0 It is used for the same as the usual DNI: to identify yourself, to travel within the European Union, but it also has other uses, since it allows you to carry out many procedures remotely, sign and present documents online … You still don’t have your new electronic DNI? These are the 5 steps you must follow to obtain and activate it:

The networks burn after a tweet from the Police in which it warns about a new function of the DNI

1. Make an appointment

Call 060 or go to the page and book your appointment in the office of your choice or, if you want to shorten it, in the first one that has a space available.

2. Bring the papers

On the agreed day, go with what they are going to ask you for:

  • A passport-size color photo that looks good on you.
  • Your old ID or copy of the report of its loss or theft.
  • The steering wheel of the register if you no longer live in the domicile that appeared in the previous DNI.
  • 12 euros just to pay the fee for new issuance or for renewal (they do not ask for it if you take out the card for change of address or when you only want to renew it to update yourself technologically, although they will give you a DNI with the same expiration date as the previous one ).

3. Change your PIN

On the fly they will give you your new DNI 3.0 (it differs from previous versions in that it has the chip on the back) and a sealed envelope with a very long password.

It can be a very good idea to have a home code thought and memorized and before leaving the office, change the one that gives you a default for the one you prefer on one of the machines that will be there (they are called Update Points and you can operate with them entering the new ID and presenting your fingerprint, as if you had lost or forgotten the original password). A new password chosen by you will be easier to remember: 8 characters are enough.

Electronic DNI

4. Activate the DNI 3.0

When you get home, take the pull to check if your DNI 3.0 works and activate your “digital certificates” (which may expire due to lack of use and in any case must be renewed every 5 years at an Update Point of the issuing offices ).

You need a computer and a card reader According to its labeling, it complies with the very common ISO 7816 standard.

Put the ID in the reader and wait for the computer to recognize it.

Go to section “How to use the DNI> Verify that it works” from the page and use any of the two validation links they offer, where they will ask you the DNI PIN and they will confirm that everything is in order.

If your computer is moderately modern and your card reader is adequate, everything is done automatically in seconds. If not, you may have to follow some more instructions and give more acceptance buttons or download some other auxiliary program, such as Java. But in general, it is very easy.

5. You can now use it

From now on, every time you want to do a procedure with the DNI 3.0 in the electronic office that is (the Treasury, the Social Security, the DGT …), you just have to choose identify you with the electronic DNI, choose it from the list of digital certificates offered to you (which will only be the DNI 3.0 if you don’t have others such as the digital certificate) and provide your PIN.

You can use the combination of computer and reader. In addition, you can do without the computer and use a Android mobile phone with NFC technology, to operate directly with previously installed apps for this purpose. There are not many but the list is increasing with contributions from Traffic, Finance, Social Security …