Do you know what a burofax is? Find out when you might be missing

A burofax is a frequent means of communication in cases in which it is necessary to send documents of any kind urgently, including claims, communications or notices, and that can serve as evidence to third parties.

Imagine, for example, that you have a rented home and you want to inform your tenant of the end of the contract (or you are the renter and you notify that you will leave the house on a certain date). If you have had problems and your relationship is not good, the burofax could be a way to guarantee that the communication has been made on time and in the form.

It is also increasingly common to use it for unsubscribe from a service because you are finding it impossible to do it by phone or via email. The burofax may be timely in case of complaints both to a company, an individual or the Public Administration.

The most important thing about the burofax is its value as evidence in a trial or contentious administrative process since, unlike what happens with a registered letter, this not only certifies that you have sent a document but also the content of the same. In the previous example, in front of a certificate, your tenant could declare that they did receive a letter, but that it was an empty envelope, something that would not happen with a burofax.


What types of burofax are there?

Any communication of this type must include the sender’s data, the documents you want to send, the recipient’s data (natural or legal person) and the shipping date, this last information being especially important.

You can send your own document via burofax, although at Post Offices (@Post) and in the companies that perform this service it is common to find forms that are adapted to different needs (claim, notice, cancellation of a service …). Also, you can add extras like notarial deposit of documentation you send, a certified copy or the acknowledgment of receipt.

Sending a burofax always is done urgently and the delivery and communication time does not usually exceed the 24-48 hours.

How can you put a burofax?

Although its name can be misleading, you do not need a fax to send these documents. Most Post Offices offer this service and, in addition, new technologies allow shipments to be able to be done via Internet. On the website of Correos and the courier companies you will find details on how to send your burofax, with all the legal guarantees from your own computer.

As if you were to do it in person, you must provide all the necessary data for the shipment and convert the possible documents into PDF files. Finally, you must choose possible extra services and pay the costs. Your burofax will always be hand delivery and under signature. If the recipient does not accept it, in a trial it is likely that this gesture will become evidence against him (and in your favor).