Do you know the differences between headphones and sound amplifiers?

They may look similar, but hearing aids and sound amplifiers differ significantly, especially in the profile of the user to whom each device is directed. Thus, as explained by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (@AEMPSGOB), while the former go to compensate for hearing impairments of a person, in the second case we are talking about a device that all it does is expand ambient sound that surrounds us at specific moments. That is, it is not related to a hearing loss nor is it useful for it, so it can be used by people who hear normally.

This is the main difference, although there are many others, which often makes people may be confused when buying a hearing aid and you decide on a sound amplifier thinking that it serves the same purpose.

So, do not be guided by misleading advertising And if you do not hear well, it is best that you go to a professional to solve your hearing problem, as these experts remember, and avoid that with the use of an inappropriate product you have another series of complications In the ear. Don’t risk your health to save money!

Do you know the differences between headphones and sound amplifiers?

More differences between both devices

In addition to the aforementioned disparity, these devices are not similar when, for example, we take into account its price in the market. While the device used in the event of hearing loss can cost between 1,000 or 2,000 euros, depending on the model and performance, you can find endless amplifiers on the Internet without exceeding 100 euros. In addition, the sale of hearing aids can only be done in establishments with sanitary authorization.

To this we must add an important difference: the use of hearing aids requires the help, adaptation and monitoring by a professional so that this device adjusts to the hearing needs of each patient.

In contrast to amplifiers, which do not require an audiometry test and work very easily with an on / off button, in addition to a volume adjustment that is done manually. Of course, it is best to use it for specific situations, since prolonged use may cause damage in our auditory system.