Do you know how you can improve the balance of your body?

Proprioception refers to the knowledge that our body has about our own body position and the environment that surrounds us. It is the way in which the body situates itself in the environment, through the information it receives through some of our senses, such as sight and joints.

Through proprioception, our body is able to improve the precision of your movements, as well as being in the environment, helping, in this way, to maintain the balance of our body, as stated by ePhysioterapia.

Do you know how you can improve the balance of your body through sports?  (big stock)

Boost your balance through these activities

Work on one leg

Some of the most common exercises to start working and develop our balance are those in which only one leg is involved. Put on comfortable clothes and place yourself in a space where you can move freely, such as a gym, a park or, if this is not possible, your living room.

Bend your knee 90 degrees and try to balance on one leg. If you bend your knee a little, you will feel more comfortable and have a greater ability to stand upright. You can try extend arms to help you the first days you do the exercise, as explained from the NIH.

Walk with your feet together

Another of the exercises that can help us improve the balance of our body is walking with the feet together, so that the toes of one foot are in direct contact with the heel of the other.

You don’t have to be in a hurry to do this exercise, but you do it is important that you walk 15 or 20 steps, so that your body can learn and improve its ability to maintain its balance.

Have you tried Pilates?

Practices such as Pilates can be of great help to improve the balance of our body. This discipline forces us to keep our body in postures To which, usually, we are not accustomed, favoring and enhancing the development of balance.

Relax with Tai Chi

Like Pilates, Tai Chi is one of the most popular exercises of oriental origin in recent years, specially for improve stress. Through its practice, and the postures that we will be obliged to do, and maintain, we will be able to strengthen the muscles of our body and develop our ability to maintain balance.