Do you know how the cutlery has to be placed on the table?

The cutlery on the table has a specific placement, and it’s not just a matter of protocol. The location of each of them is thought also taking into account practical elements, which facilitate the intake of diners. If you meet them and have a meal at home, you will stay in all cases as a perfect host of your home.


First we go from the dishes. First goes always the smallest, the salad or starter, then the intermediate and finally the large. This order must always be followed, that is, from lowest to highest (starting from the top), and in the case of deep dishes, these must be above the plains.


The placement of the cutlery, which should be located about three or four centimeters from the plates, is as follows. To the left of the diner and the dishes are placed the forks. More out the small or inlet, then the fish and then the meat. If there are not going to be any of these two dishes, the corresponding one can be deleted.

On the right side, the steak knife It must be placed as close to the plate, keeping the required centimeters, then the fish -both with the edge facing in-, and at the end the soup spoon.

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Those used for dessert have to go on top of the plates. First the fork, and looking the other way the spoon. To the right of these are they place the glasses or glasses. First comes the white wine and then the red wine. The one for water is usually put behind the whole.

Optionally, to the left and at the height of the dessert cutlery, We can put a small plate for the bread and a knife for it. In addition, the napkin has to be placed on the left side, next to the forks or on top of the plates.

The sense

The placement of each of these elements has its logic. In the outermost part, the cutlery corresponding to the starters is always placed, and then the first and second courses. And they are positioned in tune on both sides. Thus the act of eating is facilitated to the user, since the rules of logic and order indicate that we have to start from the outside in and not the other way around. Knives must always go to the right because right-handed people, who are the majority, they take it with this hand, just like the soup spoon.