Do you know how sports clothes are washed? We help you

So many years doing the laundry and even today we make mistakes when we put the washing machine on. Wouldn’t you tuck muddy slippers into a delicate knitted sweater? cashmere truth? Well, the same goes for sportswear. These garments need a special wash separated from the rest of the pieces of clothing that we put daily in the drum of the washing machine.

Tricks to properly wash your sportswear

First of all, especially if we just bought that item of clothing, is pay attention to the indications on the label. These types of fabrics are usually concrete so that they can adjust to the mobility that the body needs when exercising: elastane, polyamide, polyester …

As soon as you finish doing sports, the ideal is to wash it immediately. But since we know that this is not possible if you do not have enough clothes to fill the washing machine, it is best to leave it hanging on the air until the moment we make it.

Do not leave it all sweaty for days in the sports bag or in the basket with the rest of the dirty clothes. The only thing you will achieve is that increase odor and bacteria due to excess moisture in those closed places and where neither air nor light gives it. If you want to eliminate that strong stench, it is best to soak it for a few hours in a basin of warm water before putting it in the washing machine.

Tips to properly wash your sportswear

The frequent use that we give it, the dirt and, above all, the accumulated sweat make this type of sports piece suffer very frequent washing. But we must do it with him Detergent determined to take care of those fibers and we wear sportswear every day we put them on. If we do not, we may be spoiling some of its properties (waterproofing, polar effect …) or limit the ability to absorb sweat if, in addition, we add fabric softener to the wash.

If your washing machine is of the latest generation and has a specific program for washing sportswear, use it. Otherwise, better opt for a short program with water not exceeding 40ºC and without spinning.