Do you know how candied fruit is made?

If you have always been struck by candied fruits, so common in Christmas cakes, desserts or sweets, you should know that preparing them is very easy, because you will only need fruit and sugar, but there is a third essential ingredient: time available and some patience. Doing them will take days.

Candied fruit is only fruit, so it is a natural food, whose texture is transformed by the action of sugar and its high preservative properties. The objective of the confit consists of remove some of the water and replace it with syrup, so that the food is «dehydrated» and with extra sugars inside.

So, this is a mouthful of high caloric content, to take very occasionally and as long as you do not suffer from any disease that makes it inadvisable. In which case, you can also make candied fruit with sweeteners like saccharin or stevia.

candied fruit

How to confit fruits step by step

The good thing about preparing the fruit like this is that, well preserved, you it can last for many months and you can use it in different recipes or to surprise your grandchildren with a more «healthy» treat. Also, you can make the confit with any fruit, as long as it is at its optimum point of ripeness, that is, when the pulp is firmer.

First of all, you will have to clean the piece by removing the skin, the seeds or any other element that is not the edible and tastiest part of the fruit. In addition, you must cut it following the shape you prefer: segments, slices, squares … Next, you have to put the pieces soak at least 24 hours, changing the water every eight. After this time, you will have to heat them in a saucepan with water. It takes a few minutes because, when they start to float, you will have to carefully remove them and place them in a source to cool. It is important do not mix different fruits.

After these steps, you can start to coat the pieces with the syrup. To make it, you will need a kilo of sugar for every kilo of fruit that you want to confit. The syrup for the frosting is not prepared in one go, you will have to make several, adding a little more sugar to each of them. The process would be the following:

  1. Prepare a first syrup with half a kilo of sugar dissolved in half a liter of water. Pour the mixture over the fruit and let it rest until the next day (24 hours).
  2. After this time, repeat the operation, taking advantage of the excess syrup that the fruit has not absorbed, which you will add another 250 grams of sugar and some water. Again, cover the pieces and let them absorb one more day.
  3. They are almost there, but you a third «bathroom» is missing with the leftover syrup and sugar (another 250 grams). Again, we have to wait, but if you have done it well, in less than a week you will have your candied fruits totally handmade and ready for when you need them.