Do you know all the functions that you can find in your washing machine or dishwasher?

Kitchen appliances make our lives more comfortable when it comes to doing household chores. However, these devices do not work by magic and in all cases have a wide variety of washing and cleaning programs that we still do not know.

Therefore, it is time to discover what most buttons and symbols mean that we see in our washing machine or dishwasher to, in this way, save time and further exploit the potential that these devices offer us.

The different programs that your washing machine offers you

When it comes to washing dirty clothes, there are more options than adding the detergent and softener in the drawer and running the normal wash cycle, which usually lasts a couple of hours. Our washing machine can help us in our daily chores with a wide variety of specific programs for each type of garment or stain.

Thus, some models have a anti-allergy program for clothing of people with sensitive skin and that is washed at a higher temperature, another for dark clothes, a special one for sportswear or for household linens, such as curtains, pillows, towels, and sheets.

Do you know all the symbols or signs that appear on your washing machine or dishwasher?

If the clothes you are going to put in are not very dirty or you need them to be washed as soon as possible, the washing machines have a quick wash system that in less than half an hour leaves those garments shiny. A shorter time that, in some cases, coincides with the function echo, with which You save not only on detergent, but also on water.

And for a more professional finish, you can opt for a pre-wash to pre-soften heavily embedded remains, or by the program wrinkle reduction thanks to a special spin. And if you have forgotten a garment in the laundry basket, the new models offer as innovation a pause button with which you can stop the wash cycle for a moment.

The secrets your dishwasher hides

Once the plates, glasses, glasses and cutlery have been placed in the dishwasher, it is time to program it to do its job. In practically most of these types of appliances, you will find several symbols very common and useful:

  • The icon pre-rinse in cold water, to eliminate bad odors that can build up inside as the days go by until you fill it up completely. Something that is especially useful on the hottest days.
  • The technology of the new models takes care of the most delicate utensils, such as glasses, and offers extra drying programs so that not a drop or stain remains on the glassware.
  • There is also a half load option if you are few at home and you have not filled everything inside, but you need to wash a few dishes and glasses.
  • The latest generation models incorporate up to a remote connection with your application corresponding (also in the case of washing machines), to program the on or off of our appliance, add additional functions or control the energy it consumes each time you use it.