Do you have problems with your computer keyboard?

Whether you write on a laptop or you use a desktop computer, the keyboard is the part of the computer that is most exposed to any problem. From the spill of a liquid to a speck of dust that prevents the keys from making their full travel, thus affecting their use.

Are the keys deconfigured?

Suddenly, you press a key and another letter appears on the screen. If it ever happened to you, chances are that you have changed the keyboard key layout or, failing that, the language of the same. To return to set it as the usual language, follow the following path:

  • Control panel – Language settings – Keyboards and languages ​​- Change keyboard – Advanced settings.

Once in this tab, select the option “Not assigned”, both in the input language as in the keyboard layout. Your keys will automatically return to their original position and you will be able to type normally again.

Keys do not travel fully

In old keyboards there was a lot of distance between the key and the keyboard’s physical support, which made it very easy for a bread crumb, a dust lint or any other object to get into the key hole, making it difficult to correct it. functioning. Although in newer computers the keys are very tight, in the membrane that surrounds them small particles may still get in and we have the same problem.

Depending on the brand of the keyboard, we can act in one way or another. On external keyboards on desktop computers, it is very easy to remove a key. Simply making a little pressure on its base With a clip or a safety pin, we can disassemble it and clean it completely.

However, when it is a laptop keyboard, the best we can do is go to an official technical service. The solution is very simple, they may even do it for us on the spot, but due to the complexity of certain computers it is better that we go to a professional to avoid possible risks.

Fluid spill

Along with the food, liquid spills They are one of the most common setbacks that we subject to our keyboards on a regular basis. Depending on the type of liquid, we may be able to recover it. In any case, if you spill something liquid on the keyboard, the first thing you should do is wipe the keys, trying to remove everything that has not yet penetrated them.

In second place, leave the keyboard resting, unused, for 48 hours. Once dry, connect it and check its operation. It is convenient that you know that it is a type of breakdown that is not usually covered by the guarantees of any manufacturer, so if it does not return to normal you would have to buy a new one. In any case, under no circumstances use a dryer, as you will only get melt the circuits inside.