Do you have a lot of warts? How can you eliminate them and what are their causes

As explained by the Mayo Clinic (@Clinic May), common warts «are small granular bumps on the skin that appear most often on fingers or hands. They are rough to the touch and also usually have a pattern of small black dots, which are small blood vessels of clotted blood. «

These bumps are usually the result of a virus that is transmitted by touch (the human papillomavirus), but what is harmless and, in most cases, disappears on its own. However, despite being a symptom that does not carry any danger, many people decide to eliminate them because they are annoying or displeasing to the eye.

In this sense, you should only go urgently to the doctor if the growth of warts is painful, if they change their appearance, if they take too long to disappear or if several appear at the same time. In the latter case, it is essential if it happens to an older person, as it is an indication that your immune system is failing. Under this premise, how can you eliminate them?

Do you have a lot of warts?  How can you remove them

Prevention and removal of warts

Before having to resort to a treatment to remove warts from your skin, you can prevent their appearance in several ways. How? Avoiding direct contact with warts, both yours and others; be careful with the toilet in the affected area, do not tear them off (the virus can be spread) or try keep skin hydrated, as chapped skin is more prone to them.

On the other hand, if they have already appeared, what treatments can you go for? Yes indeed, do not follow any at your own risk. The most appropriate thing is for the doctor or specialist to recommend the best route according to the characteristics of your warts.

  • Cryotherapy. It is done in a doctor’s office and involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart, which creates a blister under and around it. Then the dead tissue is shed.
  • Salicylic acid. This drug treatment works by removing the layers of the wart little by little. If combined with cryotherapy, it is the most effective of all.
  • Laser treatment. In this case, the pulsed laser burns the small blood vessels, the infected tissue eventually dies, and the wart falls off.
  • Minor surgery. If you want to remove warts in the fastest way, the doctor may resort to minor surgery, in which the annoying tissue is cut. However, chances are high that a scar will remain.