DNA tests to know the origin of your ancestors

The interest and curiosity generated by knowing the origin and identity of the ancestors has always been present, however, with the arrival of new technologies, this information has become more accessible than ever. Above all, after the appearance of the now famous DNA tests, which determine the ethnic descent of your most distant relatives. Thus, whoever acquires it will be able to discover if their relatives come from their country of origin or, on the contrary, have foreign blood.

Currently, and due to the avalanche of requests they receive, more than twenty companies are dedicated to tracking DNA of users, in addition to revealing the consanguinity among those who have resorted to the same technology and who, until that moment, had no relationship whatsoever. Therefore, you can not only discover the true origin of your ancestors, but also know distant relatives you didn’t even know existed. In fact, the more people who take the test, the more accurate the results will be.

DNA test

How do DNA tests work?

First of all, you must choose the specialized company that you like the most, they are all usually similar and offer the same results. When you have made your choice, you must request to send the DNA extraction kit, which you will receive at your home and which is usually composed of one or more test tubes, where you must keep one saliva sample.

The next step will be to send the corresponding kit to the indicated address via postal mail, where they will analyze the tests and obtain a result. East can last several weeks, so patience will be a great ally during the process. Also, don’t expect to receive them in person, these are usually sent by email, although it depends on the company.

Is it a reliable test?

Although many experts doubt its efficacy and accuracy, others simply open users’ eyes to the information that they will actually receive with your DNA test. Many people turn to them thinking that they will know the identity of their ancestors, however, most only contribute an ethnicity report, which highlights the genetic characteristics that you share with the descendants of your ancestors.

That is, it does not compare your DNA with that of people who lived hundreds of years ago, but with those who are still alive. And not only that, it also reduces the actuation range to those who have used this system, which greatly limits the results. Therefore, if you want to try your luck with this type of test, you must first be aware of the data they are going to provide, so as not to be disappointed later.