DIY tricks that maybe you did not know and that will get you out of a hurry

In a home there are a thousand flaws and things to do. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to have some on hand DIY tricks so that, when doing those little «botches» at home, the task is much easier and faster.

Security advice

One of the most frequent mistakes when we are doing something DIY at home is that this lack of experience leads us to have a small accident in the form of a blow to our hands. Thus, if you need to drive a nail safely and do it comfortably, you can use a trick as a fork to hold it without having to put your fingers under the hammer.

And if that nail is of such a small size that it makes it impossible to hold it, a good idea is to nail that element in a strip of paper with enough consistency to act as a support.

When we take the drill, problems may arise, especially if the surface to be drilled is not wood, which is not so complicated. So if you have to do a hole in a tile and to prevent the drill from slipping from your hands, stick two pieces of tape in the shape of a cross in such a way that where they join is the exact point where you must drill.

If the hole must be made in the middle of a glass panel, in addition to a special drill bit for this material and to avoid breaking the glass, around the point where you are going to drill make a kind of well with plasticine or sealant. Then take a little vaseline and you are ready to drill the hole safely.

Tricks when painting

If we do not want to hire a painter to give a new air to some rooms in our house, it is not bad to know some professional tricks so that your house does not end like a disaster:

  • If you want to take advantage of old paint from other occasions, take the bottle and remove that first layer that forms on the surface. Remove the rest of the paint well and now place a media to filter it in case there are lumps.
  • To get less dirt, make a kind of plastic handguard for the roller to prevent too many drops from falling on the floor or on top of you. And if you have stained, with baby oil you can easily remove those remains from your skin.
  • And don’t forget to paint with natural light (if you don’t have another one, with good artificial lighting). It will be the way that you will see the mistakes you are making and if any wall needs a new overhaul.
DIY tricks that maybe you did not know and that will get you out of more than one trouble at home

Tricks to fix flaws in wood

Home remedies that also work if you have outdoor furniture in a garden. When these are stained with mold from being outdoors, make a solution by mixing a little ammonia in half a liter of hot water and rub that surface with a cloth soaked in that preparation.

But if the problem is that you notice bumps or scratches on wooden furniture, beams or floors of this material, you can place a damp cloth in that damaged area and gradually apply a very hot iron on top until it regains its previous shape; or, and if you see cracks, add a little Vaseline with a cloth, let it dry and remove what is left over.