Discover the YUM diet for dogs with natural foods

The first thing to know is that YUM ( is a pet food trademark, mainly dogs and also cats, based on natural foods, free of preservatives, additives or any chemical product. Like any other eating method, it has its pros and cons and it must be made clear that it is a diet with its own characteristics, which do not necessarily have to be better than others, because as the Official College of Veterinarians of Valencia (ICOVV) current pet foods, which are marketed in specialized stores, strictly comply with the requirements that a good nutritional product of these characteristics should have.

The YUM diet is one more option, which, as with the BARF diet, is gaining adherents among those who consider that a feeding as natural and similar to what the dog would eat in its undomesticated state, is the ideal.

What are the characteristics of the YUM diet?

Anything that is reducing chemical ingredients in food, in principle, is a great advantage. The Yum diet offers menus studied to provide the dog or cat with the nutrients it needs for their good development and for their health. It includes complete menus, in which the meat is the protagonist and it is presented accompanied by some vegetables such as: beets, carrots, turnips, along with other foods that also provide basic elements in the diet, such as olive oil.

You have menus of chicken and beef, lamb, salmon or turkey, so you can provide your dog with a rich and varied diet. Being 100% natural food, the different menus are prepared and they freeze, so that you have them available in bags of greater or lesser quantity, which you can have ready to offer your dog by defrosting them previously. The diet also offers accessories such as fresh bones or other parts of animals such as tracheas, guts or necks.

Some «treats» and treats, so that your dog does not get bored of always eating the same, are included. You have, for example, meatballs or recipes based on other meats, such as ox or deer. If he «behaves well» you can even offer himself an ice cream, so that your pet can also enjoy a gastronomic «excess».

Proponents of this diet claim that by giving the animal a good dose of protein (basic in its diet, as a carnivore) the dog shows happier, healthier and more vital, also noting a better general appearance of their skin and coat. Its detractors say that in certain cases, the YUM diet can produce nutritional deficiencies determined, especially in dogs with specific needs (older dogs, with some disease or overweight …)

It is a natural option to consider and you have the last word.