Discover different methods to enlarge your shoes

Who has not ever happened to buy new shoes and they fit something just right? Even though they are our size, they squeeze us slightly on the instep and we find it somewhat annoying to walk with them. Sometimes it takes a while for them to conform to the width of our feet, but it can take longer than desired, although if we do not want to wait there are tricks to make shoes bigger. No matter what type of footwear it is, sneakers, leather, suede or patent leather, any model can slightly modify its shape to be much more comfortable. How can we get it?

Wooden last

One of the most common ways to enlarge leather shoes is use a wooden last. With this article we can stretch them both width and length and it can also be used in those made of patent leather. First, we must be clear if we want to lengthen them in one sense or another, to acquire a specific type of last, and if not look for one that offers us both possibilities.

To place the last it is not necessary to use any additional product, you just have to put it in such a way that it fits well inside. This device has screws and knobs that must be correctly molded according to our objective. Sometimes, include a supplement that allows a specific area to give of itself, like the part of the bunions. It is usually a slow process and usually takes a few days to take effect. As an extreme measure, if you are in a hurry because you need them for a special event, you can put on some spray to soften shoes leather or patent leather and thus speed up the process.

In the case of shoes made with leather and, above all, if it is a boot made of this material, you can resort to a homemade trick. You have to fill a bag with water, the kind used to store food with zip, up to about half. You must make sure that it is properly closed and that nothing comes out of the liquid because otherwise the footwear will be damaged. Alternatively, they can be use freezer gel packs.

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The next step is to insert the bag and try to ensure that it is well distributed throughout the interior of the shoe, applying some pressure to have its effect. Then you have to put each pair independently in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. They have to stay here for about eight or twelve hours. Thus, during the freezing process, the ice formed will cause the leather to expand.

When you take them out of the refrigerator you should wait for the bags to melt, because if you remove them abruptly you can damage the leather. Then, It is recommended that you try them on to see if, indeed, they have enlarged and you can walk in a more comfortable way.

When they are suede

Suede shoes have to be modified in another way. A very simple method is to put them on, always with socks, and apply hot air on them with a hair dryer. You will have to move it the same as if you were using it for your hair, since in this way you will prevent any of the elements of the footwear from coming off. At par, you must wiggle your toes to facilitate the process. Walk with them for a while until they cool down and, once they have done so, repeat the whole procedure again. The heat will finally cause them to dilate, so you will get them to widen.

Another option for this type of footwear is isopropyl alcohol. As in the previous case, you have to put them on and then spray them with this product. While it dries, you will have to take a few steps to achieve the desired effect. If you see that you do not get it the first time, it will be necessary that repeat each step until you achieve it.

Sports shoes

Cloth and slippers

In the case that the material is a type of fabric, the trick of the bags of water can be applied equally. Only now it is recommended that you leave them in the freezer longer, at least a whole day. Afterwards, you will have to follow the same steps as in the other example and, before trying them on, wait for the bag to thaw, something that you can promote by applying heat on them.

As for sports shoes, you can wear rolled stockings or socks until they reach the desired volume. You will have to introduce them inside until there is no gap and leave them like that for at least eight hours. If you see that it is not enough, you can try one more time and even wait longer.

Another quite acceptable trick is to take newspaper or magazine paper and make a ball, but being moistened. Cover its entire surface and wait for it to dry. Stir everything and check the result. If you want to achieve a safer effect, you can also put them in the freezer with the paper slightly wet for a few hours.