Did you know that bone meal will make your plants perfect

No, we are not going to make a delicious cake no matter how much the beginning of the headline of this article may lead you to think about it. We are in a totally different terrain, gardening; in which this type of natural compost. We talk about the bone-meal, which has a large amount of minerals that will be perfect to use as fertilizer to take care of your plants and improve their growth.

A natural complement very rich in phosphorus which can be used before planting as it helps the roots to gain strength and grip the soil well; or, during cultivation for the best development of our plants and flowers. But be careful, since it cannot be used in any variety since it is not recommended in the care of azaleas, cacti or camellias for example.

For the rest of the plants, this natural fertilizer can be used at any time of the year and in the most suitable dose for each type of flowering, being the most normal that do not exceed 5-10 grams of bone meal per liter capacity of our pot.

Did you know that bone meal will make your plants perfect?

How to make bone meal at home?

If instead of buying this natural fertilizer in a specialized establishment, you want to encourage yourself to prepare it at home at home, we will tell you everything you need and the steps to make bone meal. Thus, the main ingredients will be fresh beef, chicken or pork bones.

The first thing we will do is burn those animal bones so they are charred (in a couple of hours on the fire you will get it) and they can be ground to a consistency of finer particles. Once they have cooled down, it can be used as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

A fertilizer that you can also make in your liquid form. To do this, with the bones very clean of fat, we put them in the oven so that they dry out and can be ground later. Next, we crush and crush them until obtaining a fine mixture as in the previous case and that, later, we will boil in a pot with water. Once this compost is cold, it will be ready for your plants to receive this amount of nutrients.