Decoration for small floors. The meters are not incompatible with style

The houses of less square meters have nothing to envy to the most spacious and spacious if you know how to take advantage of that space. Thus, and thanks to some simple decorating tips, you will achieve that your house, no matter how small its surface, gain in comfort, spaciousness and organization.

First of all, organization in case of small households

A maxim that must be strictly followed in homes where there are barely a couple of rooms or a few square meters is the order. A premise that is essential so that everything is not chaos and gain in feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, a good idea is to opt for furniture that has a lot of storage space, it is better not to have everything in sight, as well as bookcases and shelves. Especially in the case of the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Tips for decorating a small flat (bigstock)

Thus, the most successful are the custom furniture to make the most of all the possible space and much better if they can be lowered or collected for those times when you are not going to use them. In addition, they must be light and not visually heavy so that the environment is not overloaded. As examples, an extendable table that multiplies its space in case you have guests at home or a bed that is stored in a closet during the day or that acts as a comfortable and practical sofa.

Separate environments

In most of these homes, the living room and the kitchen form the same room; and sometimes even the bedroom is not far. Therefore the best is separate rooms to delimit each room. You can do it by means of different colors or decorative styles in each case, with a simple screen, a glass panel that allows light to pass through the whole house or use furniture as a «border» such as a shelf or the low cabinet where we put the television.

Take advantage of every corner

Imagination and creativity are the order of the day when we decorate a house that is barely fifty square meters. So can use small corners that seem to you that they do not make much sense in a charming hall, to hang coats or as a practical shoe rack. Also, where you can, put mirrors. It is a very simple and practical decorative trick; as well as painting the house in bright colors to gain visual breadth.

Therefore, golden rules in decoration of a small home go through:

  • Everything must be in order.
  • Use of bright colors to give a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Use of custom furniture that can fulfill a double function.
  • Elements to decorate and separate environments and rooms.
  • Furniture with great storage capacity and that is light in its lines.
  • Take advantage of the corners to find practical decorative solutions.