Cranial massage: medical and aesthetic benefits

We already know that massages they are an excellent formula to feel better. Either because they reduce or eliminate certain pains, either because they favor recovery after an injury, or simply because they relax us and leave us feeling well-being. Today we will know head massage that to all of the above adds the aesthetic benefit, as it favors hair growth and prevents hair loss.

There are different techniques for this type of massage. It is recommended to do it two or three times a week in a session of between 25 and 30 minutes. Whether you are lucky enough to have someone give you a head massage, or if you do it yourself, the normal thing is to work the shoulder area, the neckline, the neck, the face and of course the head.

The objective of these massages is to reduce the tension that accumulates in this area and eliminate pain or discomfort such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, dizziness, loss of balance, feeling of fatigue, visual fatigue, even other ailments such as sinusitis or bruxism.

In addition, it helps to improve circulation and therefore it will optimize the transport of all the necessary nutrients to our hair with the benefits that this entails for growth and to stop hair loss.

The cranial massage is performed with different friction maneuvers, micro-pressure on the face and the temporal, occipital and frontal areas of the skull. In addition, the face is treated with rubbing, tapping and other lymphatic maneuvers.

Look at the movements they perform in this cranial massage:

Another formula is self-massage. Take note in the following video