Correct ways to clean a plasterboard furniture and not damage it

The plasterboard is a material that is usually used for the construction of interior partitions, walls and ceilings and, at the same time, Due to its versatility and economic price, it is also widely used in homes to create shelves, headboards or display cabinets., for example, by having a lower cost than custom-made furniture.

To clean a plasterboard cabinet, keep in mind that This material is made up of laminated plasterboards located between two layers of cardboard, which is why it is characterized by having a smooth and uniform surface and a different texture from other materials.. In this sense, due to its composition, it is a very porous material and, therefore, care must be taken when cleaning it since we cannot use certain products or an excess of water because it can end up damaging the furniture.

Correct ways to clean a plasterboard furniture

One of the ways to properly clean a plasterboard furniture is with a microfiber cloth and a neutral soapy cleaner. Microfiber is the right fabric because it is highly absorbent, leaves no residue or lint when cleaned or dried, and easily retains dirt. For its part, the neutral soap has a balanced formulation which does not damage the finishes. With the damp cloth and a little soap, we will go over the entire surface to be cleaned. Next, we will dry quickly with a dry microfiber cloth.

Correct ways to clean a plasterboard furniture

Another option to keep the plasterboard clean is to use the so-called magic sponge or magic eraser that is a melamine sponge with a microporous structure that has abrasive and cleaning power. If we slightly moisten it with water, thanks to its polymers it removes dirt without damaging the surface. To finish, we must not forget to wipe a dry cloth all over the plasterboard furniture to avoid any residual water.

And, in the case of a specific stain that resists us, it also gives good results to moisten a cotton ball in a mixture of alcohol and water and rub the stain carefully. Finally, some experts also suggest using an eraser (like the one used by children at school) to get rid of specific stains on the plasterboard.

Keep in mind that these tips are valid both for cleaning plasterboard furniture and if we want to clean walls or ceilings of this material.