Computer courses for seniors in Valencia

If you are thinking of signing up for a training course, you may be considering options developed with computer science. Whether you have never picked up a computer or have a certain level, but want to learn more, this training for seniors will help you develop your skills.

Due to its growing importance in our society, computer courses are the order of the day and you have different options to choose from if you live in Valencia.

Classrooms for the elderly of the Consellería

The so-called Classrooms for the elderly are collaborating classrooms of the Department of Culture and Sports (@GVAculturesport) and they seek to offer an opportunity to learn new topics, as well as enjoy free time and enrich interpersonal relationships.

There are different centers spread throughout the city, we recommend that you go to the Department or the City Hall, where they can inform you of the different options you have for this new school year.

You can also learn computer science at private academies (although the cost is much higher) and in associations of different kinds, where they tend to focus more on short-term workshops.

Computer courses for seniors in Valencia 2

How to choose the best computer science course?

This is a very personal decision, as it directly depends on your needs. In general, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself in order to choose the best computer science course for seniors in Valencia.

What level do I have? If you already have some fluency with the world of computing and take an introductory course, you are going to get bored and, worst of all, you are not going to learn anything. If you do it the other way around, if you take a much more advanced course, you will be overwhelmed from day one. Keep it real.

Do I want to focus on a specific topic? Informatics is very broad. Perhaps, in your case, you prefer to learn typing or Internet tools (such as search engines, forums, chats …) and not office automation, networks or other subjects. There are even those who just want to focus on the use of the smartphone.

What budget do I have? Some courses are completely free, others have a small fee, and others are significantly more expensive. If you have a limited budget, start your search knowing how far you can go.

In which area do I want it to be taught? This point is also essential. The best thing is that you take a course that is taught close to home, to avoid having to travel or even consider the possibility of a distance course.

What time is best for me? How many days a week can / do you want to go? Mornings or afternoons? Or maybe you prefer the weekend? Being clear about this point will also help you find the perfect course for you. If you take a schedule that doesn’t suit you, you’ll end up dropping out after just a few classes.