Computer courses for seniors in Madrid

Computer science is one of the pending subjects of many people, especially those who were not born in the middle of the digital age. Computers, mobiles, Internet, social networks … all that may sound like science fiction, but It is much easier to use than you think and above all, essential today. The best way to learn is to sign up for one of the computer science courses for seniors in Madrid.

This is precisely one of the subjects that are not usually lacking in courses organized for older people, due to its usefulness and the growing interest that exists in this subject in these age groups.

Where to do computer courses for seniors in Madrid

The first place you should ask is in the city Hall, where, through their programs aimed at seniors, they usually organize this type of course. The courses given by the municipalities usually last nine months (the same as when we went to school) and the advantage is that the cost is very low, sometimes even free. If in your Town Hall you do not find any program that is interesting to you, along the same lines, you can look in the Community of Madrid (@CommunityMadrid).

Other options that arise for these computer courses for seniors in Madrid is ask in associations (both those specifically for the elderly and those for neighborhoods and the like). Here they also tend to have a low cost and the advantage is that, possibly, you have it closer to home.

By last, private academies also usually include this type of training among their activities. The positive part is that, in some of them, you may have a more individualized follow-up, but, on the contrary, it is also usually the most expensive option.

Computer courses for seniors in Madrid 2

What are you going to learn in these computer science courses?

These are generally courses in which it starts from a very basic level, so you can learn from opening an account on Twitter, to sending an email. The needs of the elderly are also usually taken into account and matters such as making an online medical appointment or knowing how to find information about public aid are some of the topics that are discussed.

Even, due to the growing importance of smartphones Since they are already a daily tool, many of these courses for adults also leave a little space to understand how they work (install applications, send news on WhatsApp, watch videos on YouTube, learn to manage shortcuts …).