Clean and disinfect your home against viruses, germs and bacteria respecting the environment

Our house is the place where we spend the most time and where we should be the most comfortable. Having a clean and purified environment in our home goes a long way toward making the home the relaxed and enjoyable oasis we desire.

To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out a disinfection on a regular basis, which will not only help our well-being, but also the health of the whole family. However, in these times, work, rush and the fact that there are several partners or pets! around the house, they make keeping our house clean, tidy and with a purified environment a difficult task.

Bet on natural disinfection

Disinfecting the home is essential to create a safer everyday environment, but not all products for this purpose are equally beneficial to our health. Some disinfectants contain increasingly toxic and powerful substances, which can become harmful to our health, not to mention the damage they do to the environment.

That is why the fact of recovering traditional products, tricks and remedies is gaining popularity with which we can continue to keep our home clean and germ-free, equally effectively. We mention the most common and simple:

Correct ventilation of spaces

Ventilating is the first step to remove harmful substances that accumulate in homes. A more than simple gesture that brings multiple benefits to your property:

  • Oxygenates and purifies the air
  • Regulates humidity and prevents mold from appearing
  • Dust is reduced, lsuspended particles and bad odors
  • We allow the sun to act whose ultraviolet rays kill some of the microorganisms that frequent homes.

How and when to ventilate your home can depend on several factors, for example, the more people live in a home, the longer and more times it must be ventilated. Although as a general rule, 10 minutes a day is enough to renew the air in a room.

Sanitize your home while respecting the environment with these simple tricks (bigtock)

Vinegar and lemon

To disinfect the house, this simple and effective combination could not be absent, since lemon, together with vinegar, acts as a powerful disinfectant.

Vinegar, due to its acidity, helps kill germs and is very good degreaser.

Lemon is a great natural disinfectant that works great to remove stains and shine tiles. wooden furniture, faucets and combination of lemon with baking soda is excellent for bleach clothes that has been yellowish.


Carpets are a bit dirty and retain bad odors and moisture. Keeping them vacuumed and airy will make a difference in the environment of your home.

To combat the smell of humidity or some other bad aroma, it is recommended to sprinkle cooking salt all over the surface, roll up the carpet to let it rest for a whole day and then vacuum.

Sanitize your home while respecting the environment with these simple tricks?  Photo: bigstock

Hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil

This mixture is perfect for disinfecting the most difficult areas of your home, where more germs gather, such as the parts of the house where pets are.

Hydrogen peroxide contains terpineol, component responsible for its disinfectant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.