Cars without a license for seniors recommended for their value for money

The so-called cars without license, which are not really without a license, have become one of the most popular options appealed by the elders With a view to moving, due to its low price in general, its limited power to 55cc, which makes them control it better, and its size, very small, comfortable both to park it and for those who begin to have spatial problems when it comes to drive vehicles. Let’s not forget that these microcars cannot be driven completely without a license, since to carry them you need the AM license, for a moped, with which you can drive vehicles up to 50cc

Aixam Minauto

The launch price was less than 9,000 euros. However, it does not forget the comfort of its occupants since its interior is worthy of the high range in this type of vehicle. The Minauto is a modern car designed for those who need to move safely. Actually, Minauto microcars are modified AIXAM models. The new Minauto brings together the knowledge of the Aixam-Mega group, such as the Kubota engine, the aluminum chassis, soundproofing and reliability. Like the other brands in the group, it also respects emissions regulations.

The 400cc diesel Kubota with a power of 4 kW is designed to provide easy and economical driving– Fuel consumption is only 2.96 liters per 100 km and a top speed of 45 km / h. The interior of the Minauto has a well-designed dashboard, sun visor for the driver, laminated windshield or a trunk with a capacity of 700 liters.

Aixam Minauto access
Aixam Minauto Access (

Ligier JS50 C Sport

The Ligier JS50 C Sport is the most dynamic and attractive version within the manufacturer’s range. It incorporates aspects that underline the sporty character of this quadricycle such as specific bumpers, 15-inch wheels or a double exhaust outlet. The JS50 C Sport is available with two different mechanical options: a Lombardini Diesel Progress ACT twin-cylinder diesel engine, or a Lombardini DCi diesel. Both have the same power, 8CV at 3,000 rpm, but the latter has a technology that prevents the loss of power when the air conditioning is activated. It has an approved consumption of 3.5 and 2.5 l / 100 km respectively.

The price of Ligier JS50 C Sport DCi is 14,490 euros and includes 15-inch wheels, tinted windows, rear door with electric opening, sports steering wheel, central locking, digital instrument panel, electric windows, air conditioning, synthetic leather upholstery or anti-puncture kit.

Ligier js50
Ligier JS50 (

Highland X

Microcar’s new Highland X range is equipped with the latest fuel injected Lombardini 505cc gasoline engine with significantly improved performance, economy and refinement with anti-submerged suspension and larger disc brakes. Suspension and dynamic handling are really excellent with large safety margins.

The interior has been radically changed and expanded, front seats are individually shaped with independent reclining. Electronics are new with slim harness and digital instruments incorporating outside temperature reading. The body design has been strengthened and has sought the safety of the occupants and the robot frame has immense torsional rigidity that allows a very dynamic chassis with good suspension and handling characteristics. Its price is around 12,200 euros.

Highland X
Microcar Highland X (

Aixam City

The City by AIXAM has an elegant appearance, with a very neat and attractive design, whose details are well executed. Compact, maneuverable and flexible, the microcar brand has tried to give this a kind of sporty touch. The City too has chrome finish door frames and new wheels that give it a rugged look. It has a Premium model that is equipped with every imaginable comfort. You can choose a version of the City with a 5kw diesel engine or fully electric. The price of its normal model is 11,000 euros, while the Premium version goes up to 13,300 euros.

Aixam city premium
Aixam City Premium (

Renault twizy

The Renault Twizy can be part of the group of cars without a license, although only in the case of the 5CV variant. The most powerful 17CV does require a B permit. The Twizy 45, which is called the lightest version, has a 6.1 kWh lithium battery, and in addition to allowing people without a license to drive, it offers all the advantages of an electric car, although as standard it is striking that it comes without doors, and costs just over 500 euros to order it with them, which do not have a window.

Renault twizy
Renault Twizy (

Being an even smaller model than the rest mentioned, it can reach higher speeds, with which care must be taken, since it does not have a stabilizer. Another problem is that no version has an air conditioner due to the excessive energy consumption that this entails, which can be a problem if you are going to use it in very hot or too cold moments. Its price is between 11,000 and 13,700 euros.