Car insurance: how to fill out and give an accident report also online?

Nobody wants it, but having a more or less serious accident, driving on the road or in the city, is something that happens. In many cases it is fortuitous little bumps. A scratch, a car that hits your rear bumper at a traffic light or a broken mirror are some examples. For these incidents, which do not involve personal injury and the materials are not too serious, the friendly parties, that are provided by different insurers (or that you can download on some web pages) and that it is important to always carry in the car.

Of course, in an accident in which there are injured people, the «papers» go to the background and the immediate is notify emergency services and try to help to the best of our ability.

A very different case is that of the small reaches, in which the main concern is the annoyance of taking the car to the workshop and the cost of the repair vehicle. In these cases, the first thing to do is keep calm and be practical to resolve the situation in a short time and in the best way.

Part of accident insurance

How to deal with a slight range between vehicles

The Friendly Accident Statement (DDA), commonly called the friendly party, is the best way to solve the altercation and for the insurance companies to initiate the necessary procedures so that your car is fixed as soon as possible. Once the scope has happened, you have to do two things, in addition to not getting more nervous than is strictly necessary:

  1. Check that no one is injured and discuss what has happened to get to a version that both parties agree on.
  2. Observe if there is witnesses to the incident (in case the party was not so friendly) and request their collaboration, asking for their personal and contact information in case they had to be resorted to in the future.

If you agree on what happened and who assumes responsibility for the damage caused, the next step is fill in the corresponding part. A broken headlamp, a fallen mirror, a slight dent … No dramatization. The failure is acknowledged, the part is signed and the arrangement proceeds.

However, this is not always the case. If there is no agreement, depending on the severity of the accident, you could request the intervention of the police or traffic officers so that they prepare the corresponding report. It is normal that in a mild case the police do not attend. If this happens and none of those involved admit fault or there is no single version, the friendly part will not be possible and it will be necessary to give a accident report without agreement, each to their company (if deemed appropriate).

Part of accident insurance

How to fill in the friendly part correctly

Filling it in is very simple, but to make it easier for you you can still remember some of the recommendations indicated by the General Directorate of Traffic (@DGTes):

  • If it is a physical part or on paper, something as obvious as write clearly it is of utmost importance. For example, a confusing license plate number can be a problem.
  • In addition to the accident data, you must include all data from the two vehicles involved in the corresponding columns (vehicle “A” and vehicle “B”). Name of the drivers and owners, model and license plate of the car … The more information is reflected, the better.
  • In the central area of ​​the part sheet you have a column under the heading «Circumstances». It can help you describe what happened, pointing out the possible maneuvers of each vehicle. You must select one for car «A» and one for car «B». If you are not sure, do not choose any and give your version in the section «ORbservaciones «. You also have space to make a drawing or sketch to help clarify what happened.
  • Don’t forget to take photos that may be of interest to determine damages and liabilities.
  • The friendly part must be signed by both parties. Whoever signs accepts its content.
  • If there are more than two vehicles or people involved in the accident, they must also appear in the report, in the corresponding section.
Part of an accident insurance online

New technologies to resolve the incident quickly and comfortably

Virtually all insurance companies offer their clients the option of sending accident reports almost immediately. Most have at their disposal two alternatives to do so: through its website, which you must access with your personal passwords, or using the app, which you must have previously downloaded to your mobile device.

Although each company has its peculiarities, the operation, in general, is similar in all cases. Once you agree to report the accident, you will have to fill out a online form answering a series of basic questions and also simple questions that help determine exactly what happened.

On the web or app you can leave your comments and send the photos what you made of the accident and the damage to your car. If you have signed a friendly part, you must indicate it or, better still, take a photograph and attach it with the rest of the images. Thus, in a few «clicks», your part will already be delivered and the procedures for the fix your vehicle, on going.