Can you pick up your medication at a pharmacy in another autonomous community?

For some months now, the electronic prescription has been available throughout Spain, a very useful system that allows professionals from Santiago to send prescriptions directly and immediately of medicines and health products from their patients to the pharmacy offices, as explained by the Community of Madrid (@CommunityMadrid). This not only makes the process faster, it is also much simpler since the individual you only have to identify yourself with your health card to withdraw the medication.

However, one of the most unknown advantages of this new system is that it also allows you to withdraw the drugs that are part of your treatment in another autonomous community. That is, the electronic prescription allows you obtain your medications at any pharmacy in the Spanish territory. Of course, you need to take into account some aspects.

Only for drugs authorized by the National Health System

According to the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality (@sanidadgob), «the goal of electronic prescription interoperability project of the National Health System is that a citizen can pick up a prescription made in an electronic prescription at any pharmacy office in the country, regardless of the autonomous community in which the prescription was made. «

Pick up my medication in another autonomous community

However, and as we have seen previously, it must always be accompanied by the individual health card, in addition to indicate to the pharmacist the autonomous community where said prescription has been made.

Therefore, you do not need to carry the medication sheet active that was previously accurate. Although it can be useful in case there is any doubt with the drug administration, because in the pharmacy they only have access to the list of medications that can be dispensed, no to full treatment. Likewise, you will only be able to request medicines authorized and included in the database of the National Health System.

Have you forgotten your health card?

The problem arises when the patient cannot present the health card because you have forgotten it at home or lost it during the trip. In this case, the pharmaceutical products that make up the prescription will not be accessible.

What if the pharmacy has a technical problem What prevents the reading of the electronic prescription and, therefore, the dispensing? «The pharmacist may contact a support center to obtain the list of medications that can be dispensed and carry out the corresponding dispensing. It will take a little more time waiting for the user, «they assure from the ministry. The objective, above all, is that no citizen is left without access to their pharmaceutical products due to this type of setback.