Can you open a car with a tennis ball?

If you have lost your keys, they have been stolen or you have simply left them inside the car, do not worry, It is something that happens to more people than you imagine every year and it has a solution, beyond breaking a window pane. If you want to save yourself the cost of a professional for a few minutes job or wait for the roadside assistance vehicle to come, take note of these tricks.

There are many varieties of cars on the market, therefore, the first thing you should know is where is the unlocking mechanism of your car Since there are those that have remote locks, others that require a turn of the wrist, those that have the chocolate on the top of the door next to the window or those that have it on the handlebar. For all of them, we have a solution.


In order to open your car, you will have to take off your shoes. Make a little slip knot and insert it into the gap between the window and the door and move it up to the height of the lock. Once there, pull to open it.

This method will only work for a car with a pull-lock mechanism.

Open your car with a tennis ball if you forgot the keys inside Photo: bigstock


This method is for horizontal lock models. Although it is not easy to have a hanger on hand depending on where we are, in case you can get one, arm yourself with patience because it is one of the most complex options.

Stretch the hanger and turn it into an elongated hook. Then, insert it again between the window and the door and keep trying until you reach the open button. Depending on the vehicle, you will have to pull up or push down.

Rod and screwdriver

With a flat blade screwdriver pry over the door frame to make a hole through which to insert the rod. Find the unlock button and press it.

Slim jim

A Slim Jim is a thin strip of metal with a notch cut into one side at the bottom to pop a car door lock.

You’ve surely seen it in a multitude of movies. It is ideal for older mechanisms.

Insert it back between the window and the bodywork and look for the lock.

Be careful with this option since if you don’t do it correctly you can have more problems than you already have.

Open your car with a tennis ball if you forgot the keys inside Photo: bigstock

Tennis ball

With a ball we can also force the lock of our car to unlock the closing mechanism.

Punch a hole in the ball with a screwdriver to fit into the keyhole. Then push the ball and the pressure will open the lock.