Can someone else file the income tax return for me?

It is an increasingly common solution. If you cannot go to make the income statement, and you do not have an electronic certificate or digital signature, it is possible that someone else will make the declaration for you in person. This option is quite common among people who have some mobility problem or among frequent travelers.

By appointment only

On the website of the Tax agency you can find the “Representation model in procedures initiated at the request of taxpayers”, the official name of this form. In order to download it, you have to access the “Declarations, models and forms” section.

Once you have it downloaded, it will be the person interested in making the income statement which will have to make an appointment in the Treasury. This prior appointment must be requested with your name and with your ID, not with that of the person to whom you have delegated your obligations.

In order to present the declaration, they will be three documents with whom you have to attend the appointment:

  • The downloaded form
  • A color photocopy of the DNI
  • A proof of the previous appointment

Since then, the Treasury technicians will be in charge to carry out all the procedures related to the 2018 Campaign of the declaration.

How can I make an appointment?

The procedure for making an appointment is very simple. Once you have entered the Hacienda website, on the left side of it you can find the option that refers to this request. All you have to do is fill in the requested fields to subsequently select the center you want to go to.

It is convenient that you know that there is also the option of making an appointment by phone. The numbers authorized by the Tax Agency are the following:

  • 901 22 33 44
  • 91 553 00 71
  • 901 12 12 24
  • 901 553 00 71

In both cases, both by phone and through the website, appointments can be made from April 1. In any case, it will be until next July 1 when you will be able to present your declaration for this campaign.