Can public places be accessed by law with a dog?

Many pet owners ask for one greater breadth of permissiveness to enter public spaces with her dog. And little by little establishments and enclosures are added that do not force the dog to wait outside for its owners. They are called spaces dog friendly.

However, the law is still very clear in this regard in some public places. Thus, it is determined that dogs cannot enter premises «where food is made, sold or stored.» A regulation of application at the state level where the restaurants, what are governed by the municipal administration which is the one that decides in each case; Hence, there are restaurant spaces that allow your dog to enter to accompany you while you eat. That is, in the latter cases there is a criteria disparity, since although these are places where you eat, in some cases these domestic animals can enter.

Free access

These restrictions do not apply in cases of guide dogs, since their owners have el right to enter with your pet in all kinds of public spaces, hotels, taxis, medical centers, restaurants, hospitals, urban transport …

On the other hand, in the cases of private establishments (for example, a clothing store), it will be the owner himself who decides in each case if that dog can pass or has to be tied to the doors of the premises.

Can public places be accessed by law with a dog?

Can my dog ​​get on public transport?

In the case of Renfe (@Renfe), as specified on its own website, the pets of no more than 10 kilograms They can board the AVE, Long Distance, Avant and Medium Distance Conventional trains. Of course, at all times they must be in the care of their owners, within a closed transport without disturbing the rest of the travelers.

In the Cercanías and Feve servicesIn addition to the aforementioned animals, a heavier dog may travel if it is properly leashed and muzzled.

In most of the municipal buses assistance dogs are allowed in our cities, as well as small pets that are not loose. A permit that is being expanded, in some locations, with new regulations that facilitate access for dogs of all sizes as long as Avoid peak hours on weekdays, are restrained and muzzled and do not leave the spaces enabled to remain during the trip. Something similar to the regulations that apply in some services of subway or tram of our country.

In the case of taxis, these are vehicles that provide a public service, but are privately owned; so it is the driver at all times who decides whether or not that dog enters his car or if a special rate applies for taking it. The normal thing is that they let you put it in the taxi with you when it is a small pet that goes in its own carrier.

There are more, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Zaragoza we find up to special taxi services where you can go with your dog, even tied to the seat belt with a special safety harness.