Can I throw a stained plastic in the yellow container?

We should have up to 8 containers in each house for correct recycling, but would we still do it really well? We are going to try to clarify the great myths that exist about recycling and analyze where we are failing, or see if, on the contrary, we are good recyclers.

In general, most of us have already internalized the theory: glass to green containers, containers to yellow, cardboard to blue, organic remains to brown, oil to orange, polluting elements to clean points, clothing to of textiles and the rest to the gray container.

But what do I do wrong when I recycle?

A plate of stained plasticCan I throw it in the yellow bin? Ideally, remove the coarse leftover food, rinse it, and then dispose of it in the yellow container.

The same happens with napkins, which we can throw in the blue paper container, as long as they are not stained since, otherwise, they should go to the organic container.

It is important to wash the containers and containers to eliminate the remains, since, otherwise, this container will be contaminated and cannot be mixed with other reusable parts.

Regarding the plastic bottles, which we must throw into the yellow container, it is important that you know that they must go without the plug and, in the case of leaving it, remove the air and any remaining liquid that may remain.

Y a broken glass, Do I throw it in the green bin? No, because they contain materials that make them different from glass and require a different treatment.

What do I do with a pot of asparagus? Well, the glass should be thrown into the green container and the yellow lid for being metal. However, do not get confused with CDs, they should go to the normal container or to a clean point preferably.

Plastic toys will go in the normal container, not the yellow one.

And the notebooks? The paper is blue, but the spirals must be removed.

Regarding the medicinesYou should take those to the pharmacy, to a SIGRE point.

In general, remember the theory that dirt is not recycled, so clean it before you do it.

Can I throw a stained plastic into the yellow container?

Some urban legends

Although we all know the importance of recycling for the environment and as a consequence for our health, there are those who still do not do it because they believe in certain urban legends.

First of all, it is important to know that garbage does not get mixed in trucks since they have a two-compartment system inside so that the waste that is collected does not mix.

On the other hand, there are those who point out that the taxes paid for garbage are enough, let others recycle! Well, it should be clarified that the fees we pay to municipalities do not finance the collection of recycling containers, but rather, as the law indicates, are the companies that market packaged productss those that economically make it possible for these wastes to be recycled.

Likewise, there are those who believe that if we recycle we take jobs from the people who are in the garbage plants, something that is false. As recycling waste creates 10 times more jobs than if they were disposed of in landfills.