Bouquets of flowers for every occasion, discover how to choose them

Give a bouquet of flowers It is something that is always appreciated, and although we also experience this with other gifts, the truth is that flowers have a special charm. They really are one more way to have a detail with someone with the intention of transmitting a message, that we care, that we love them, that we are in love or simply to thank them. Therefore, it is important that before buying it we have a few notions, above all, to get it right when it comes to delivering it.

Find out the likes

If we know the lucky person who is going to receive our bouquet of flowers, the choice may be easier, because we can try to find out, that yes, tactfully, what are your preferences. Above all, in terms of colors and flowers, we all tend to have predilections in this regard.

In the event that you do not have access to this information, it will be somewhat more complicated, but perhaps by observing that person you can find out something about their tastes. For example, see what color he usually wears most often or try searching a flower that you think matches their personality.

Flower species

When choosing the flowers you must bear in mind that some combinations do not marry anything. Therefore, if you are going to mix several types it is better that you let yourself be advised.

To express love the bouquet of red roses is the ideal, but for celebrate an anniversary tulips or hydrangeas They are a good choice because they are flowers that in addition to being elegant denote that we care a lot about the person to whom we give them.

If what we want is apologize, hyacinths are often used or the flowers that we’ve found out you like best. In the event that you want to take a bouquet to a sick person or admitted to a hospital, it is recommended that you resort to daisies or plants with soft hues. White signifies purity and health, so the sick person will appreciate them.

Regarding the bouquets to present condolences for a death, they are usually chosen from several species, especially with rounded shapes. In these cases, there are usually specific presentations such as palm-shaped crowns or coffin covers, but if you don’t like these options, you can also resort to this possibility.

Colors and size

The colors of the flowers have a meaning, but it is not strictly necessary to get carried away by it. In the end, it is about making a gift that is pleasant, this is the main thing. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to know that the Red it is always a symbol of love and passion; the yellow, of light and of friendship; the Orange, of energy and vitality; the target, of purity and health; the pink, of respect and gratitude; and finally, the blues or violets, of hope, gratitude and good luck.

The last thing you would have is size. Here you have to see the budget you have. In addition, you should consider where you are going to deliver it because if it is away from home, then you will have to carry it back and this is a detail to value.