Blue shampoo for perfect gray hair

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re late! The use of blue shampoo, or nuance, has multiplied in recent years, moving from hairdressing centers to our homes. But what is it exactly?

The blue shampoo, also called silver, It has numerous benefits, while preserving the original color of our hair, helps to tone dyed hair, and better yet, gray hair. Thanks to its composition, it helps to restore gray hair that has become slightly back to its natural state. yellowish.

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Ode to gray hair

For decades gray hair has had the social stigma of being unsightly, especially in women. Hence, we have spent years dedicating efforts to conceal and cover them. And we have been forced to periodically go to the hairdresser and become slaves to the dye.

Fortunately, everything changes. In recent years gray hair has started to look like what it is: something natural and beautiful. They have even become trend. They are not only in fashion even among young people, who demand gray, platinum blonde or Nordic effect tints; is that there are many celebrities who have joined the trend body positive, and wear their gray hair with pride, among which are Salma Hayek, Demi Moore, even Queen Letizia.

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Gray care

Gray hair requires different care, since it is weaker and, as it does not have melanin, they are especially sensitive to solar radiation. Hence the importance of taking care of it with the right products, to strengthen it and make it look shiny.

We can achieve this by using the blue shampoo (or also the purple one), which takes care of the color of gray hair, eliminating the yellowish color and returning the hair to its original color. By having components that nuance the colors, it manages to transform dull gray hair into a mane of intense and bright color.

It is not a shampoo for daily use

It is recommended to use it gently, massaging it and without rubbing. It is best that you use it in the second wash. That is, first wash your hair with your usual shampoo and then apply the blue shampoo on your hair, letting it act for 5 to 10 minutes.

We must bear in mind that it may take several days to appreciate the results. And that we are going to need a certain number of washes to achieve the desired color.

In the same way, we cannot abuse of the. It is a shampoo for occasional use. Using them in excess can dry out the hair too much and we would run the risk that the bluish and purple pigments of the shampoo alter the color of the hair too much without us noticing.

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